These 10 Favorite Unlikely Animal Friendship Stories of 2022 Will Warm Your Hearts [Video]

  • Kindness just flows through animals’ hearts. Their ability to accept other animals without bias has brightened social media. 
  • The unlikely friendships formed between an emu and a Rottweiler, a lamb and a dog are just two of our favorite relationships.
  • Have fun reviewing 2022’s favorite unlikely friendships in this year-end listing and let the happy tears flow. 

Animals do not discriminate and their ability to accept each other knows no bounds as kindness is stamped in their hearts.  Their unlikely friendships bring light to warm dark days.

The year 2022 showed adorable moments between different species ranging from a lamb being adopted by a dog family, a dachshund tucking in a momma kitty and her babies or a kitty kneading a dog.

Grab some tissues as these favorite heartwarming moments may just bring you happy tears.  

1. Fox Adorably Listens To A Backyard Banjo Concert

Musician Andy Thorn was surprised to learn that a wild fox joined him in their backyard and listened to him sing and play the banjo. The two have developed a friendship making them an Instagram sensation. Thorn also released an album about their interactions. (Reminder, do not just strike friendships with wild animals)

2. Dog Gets Soothing Massages From Kitty Friend

@borisxgregg Making biscuits on brother while he sleeps #britishshorthair #goldenretriever #fyp #foryou ♬ Mr. Sandman – The Chordettes

British shorthair Gregg kneads Golden Retriever Boris for an ASMR experience that everyone can envy and enjoy. 

3. Furred And Feathered Special Kind Of Love


♬ I bet Ava saw this – nataliejanesings

Ava the Rottweiler witnessed Blue the emu’s birth and it was love at first sight that turned into a special kind of fur and feather relationship. Watch out for their mom’s children’s book as it chronicles the pair’s zoomie madness, walks and play. 

4. Congenial German Shepherds Love Everybody

@von.jakoba Which is your favorite? #germanshepherd #dogsofttiktok #babyanimals #chickennuggets #chickens #ducks #turtles #horsesoftiktok #snakes #naturedocumentary ♬ original sound – cattok

These German shepherds do not choose who they love and make friends with. Snakes, baby birds, horses and fancy chickens, name it, they love it! Watch their adorable TikTok videos for a dose of happiness.

5. Momma Cat Loves Her Litter of Golden Puppies Like Her Own

@kiwigirlxoxox Reply to @stepback18 in the end he does make it 😂❤️ #puppies#dogmum#catsoftiktok#catanddog ♬ In My Head – Lil Tjay

More than 1 million viewers on TikTok have witnessed how this momma cat who lost her kittens takes care of a litter of golden puppies enough for the dog mama to rest.

6. A Chiweenie and A Tortoise’s Adorable Play Time

@tillygthetortoise Bringing sticks to bestie 🐶🐢 #funnypets #happydog #puppylove #bestfriends #doggo #besties ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Skippy is a Chiweenie and Tilly G is a tortoise. Skippy scampers and wiggles while Tilly G moves slowly. Skippy loves sticks while Tilly G loves hibiscus leaves. They are opposites but when they are together and play, there is nothing different between them.  

7. Beau The Lamb Has Max The Dog For A Mom

@oliviajaneakers Pt.2 of the most beautiful friendship I’ve ever witnessed. Per request, more adorable videos of these two 🥰……#maxandbeau #maxandbeauforever #fyp #unlikelyfriends #adopt #sheep #lamb #ram #ewe #babysheep #babydollsheep #oldeenglishbabydoll #thedodo #dodo #baby #babyanimals #animals #cute #cuteanimals #picoftheday #animalsofig #miniaturesheep #farm #farmlife #farmanimals #farmher #homestead #minifarm #farmstead ♬ original sound – Olivia Jane Akers

Beau was rejected by her mom and Max readily took her in and be her mom. 15 million people cannot help but say “Awwwww!” when they saw a video of the two lovingly growing old together.

8. Australian Shepherd’s Whale Curiosity  

Skipper the Pup meets a friendly whale

Enjoy this absolutely heartwarming video of our Boat Pup “Skipper” A beautiful one year old Australian shepherd coming face-to-face with a friendly humpback whale. He was just as curious of it as all of us were. 🐶+🐋=💙 Video by Evan Brodsky **Please note Encounters of this type are extremely rare. Vessel was in neutral the entire to our encounter and The whales approached us completely on their own decision** #gowhales #humpbackwhales #animals #dogs #viralpost #mustsee #monterey 

Posted by Monterey Bay Whale Watch on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

While onboard, Skipper gets up close and personal with the whales. We think that he would have swam with the whales if he was not leashed.  That is how he loves his sea friends.

9. Dogs Consider Cow As Family

Haru, a good-natured cow was welcomed and adopted by his canine siblings at Amber and Anthony Sullivan-Vo’s farm. The pit bull  Mali especially welcomes Haru’s nuzzles and licks. 

10. Cute Cat Dotes On Human Baby Brother


Teddy & Baby William 🥺❤️ this cat loves the little guy

♬ you are my sunshine – christina perri

Teddy the cat absolutely loves his baby brother William. Teddy shows us that contrary to their reputation, they can be gentle, loving and caring to humans. 

Source: Daily Paws

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