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Unlikely Friendship: Ava The Rottweiler and Blue The Emu Love Zoomies [Video]



  • A baby emu named Blue needed to be rehomed after it hatched.
  • Jennifer Walters brought the emu home and introduced to her baby animal-loving Rottweiler, Ava.
  • The two hit it off from the start and became walking, napping and running partners as they grew up.

Jennifer Walters, co-founder of Gold Colt Rescue in Texas, stands by her dog Ava’s gentleness to all animals.  Ava is very loving and baby animals are her favorites. So, when a baby emu needed rehoming, she was not worried about Ava treating the bird right.  But she did introduce them gradually.

At first, they were separated.  But Ava kept on whining to meet the baby emu Blue.  Walters just had to give in.  True to her gentle nature, Ava licked Blue “from head to toe.”

With a laugh, Walters said, “She immediately adopted that bird. Ava became obsessed with him.”

The feelings were mutual between the two and thus started the walks and naps together.  Running around the property is a favorite activity with Blue excitedly zooming after Ava. Viewers are obsessed with the zoomie, too, thus gaining millions of views.  There is something hilarious by the way Blue has learned to be a dog just because his best friend is one.  

At 2 years old, Blue is now much bigger than Ava with his “velociraptor feet.” They no longer get together every day but when they do, they have fun being outside. 

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But be assured, Walters will be updating us on the unlikely pair and a children’s book is in the works.  We’ll be excitedly waiting for that.

Source: Daily Paws