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TikTok Viewers Mesmerized By Husky Rolling His Bestie Bulldog On The Snow [Video]



  • A video clip of a Husky and a bulldog playing in the snow has captured the hearts of TikTok viewers.
  • In the video, the Husky uses his snout to tip his bulldog friend to roll in the snow while they maintain eye contact.
  • A study in 2020 showed that dogs enjoy gazing at their own species more than they do at humans.

There is something special about watching dogs sharing love and enjoying each other’s company.  Moreso when they belong to different breeds with different temperaments.

To see them having fun makes a dog owner feel that you have done a good job in raising them to care for each other and yet respect each other’s differences.  

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That is why when TikTok by user goose_the_bully posted a video of Goose the bulldog and his Husky friend braving the cold and happily playing in the snow, viewers got mesmerized and captured their hearts.

You will see how the Husky tips his nose at his friend Goose, to roll in the blanket of snow. The 5-second clip shows the bulldog clearly getting delighted at the merest touch of the Husky’s snout.

Photo Credit: @goose_the_bully (TikTok)

The over-the-top reaction encourages the Husky to continue rolling his best pal down the hill.  All the while you will notice how they maintain eye contact.

This is a proof of a 2020 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience by researchers from the Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary that said dogs prefer to gaze at their own species rather than at any human.

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The researchers examined the brains of 20 dogs and 30 humans using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging).  They watched a human face, the back of a human’s head, a dog’s face, and the back of a dog’s head.  They found out that there was more activity in the dogs’ brains when they watched dogs’ faces and the backs of their heads.

So aside from having fun at being rolled down the hill, Goose was enjoying the Husky’s attention.

And they certainly captured hearts with their obvious mutual enjoyment.

Photo by Misael Moreno on Unsplash

ThiliKodi commented, “The Husky found a new ball” to which Cathon Bonbon added “I’m watching this going ‘wheee’ in my head!” while Travelinmomma1 named it “Bulldog bowlin.” In comparison, Sierra5104 said, it was a “tutorial on how to build the perfect snowmen.”

The whole scene was “mesmerizing” according to user, Bark, while jufandrea said: “These two make my day.”


Goose and the Husky certainly showed what fun it is to play in the snow with friends.

Source: Newsweek