Toddler Helped Locate Missing Grandma With Alzheimer’s While Chasing Bubbles

  • Missing Grandma Nina has Alzheimer’s and her family is searching high and low to find her.
  • One-and-a-half-year-old Ethan was chasing bubbles when he spotted “feet” beyond the fence.
  • Ethan’s mom called the police who identified the missing grandma and reunited her with her family.

An 83-year-old grandma with Alzheimer’s has been missing for four days already. Her family was desperate to find her and bring her home. 

Who would have thought that a toddler’s bubble wand would lead them to the grandma’s location?

Brittany Moore and her son Ethan were blowing bubbles when the bubbles went over their fence line.  Ethan was following where the bubbles floated and when he got to the fence, he stopped and stood transfixed at the woods beyond the fence. When Moore went out to check on Ethan, she asked him what he saw and the little boy answered “feet”. 

Photo Credit: YouTube

Moore repeated the question to make sure she heard it right and the toddler again said, “feet”.  When she crouched down to the boy’s level, there really was a pair of foot.  This made her nervous but still, she called the authorities.

The police confirmed that there really was a person in the woods and it was the missing grandma, Nina.  She was unharmed but disoriented.

Karen Lipscomb, Nina’s daughter said it was not surprising that a child led them to her grandma as she is fond of children.

A week after, Ethan and Nina’s family got together for the little hero and the grandma to meet.  

Photo Credit: YouTube

The Lipscomb family tried to give Ethan’s family a reward but they did not accept it.  What they did accept was a gift of a big bag of bubble toys. 

Heroes need no rewards. After all, being instrumental in finding someone is the best reward there is.

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