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Tom Hanks did it again! He crashed another wedding party



  • Tom Hanks crashed another wedding, this time in Pittsburgh, where he was shooting for a movie adaptation of A Man Called Ove.
  • The Oscar-winning actor was with his wife Rita Wilson when they photobombed a bridal party.
  • Last October, Tom crashed a beach wedding in Santa Monica and asked to be included in the photos.

Award-winning actor Tom Hanks recently photobombed a bridal party in Pittsburgh.

“Hi, I’m Tom Hanks, I would love to get a photo with you,” said the actor after he spotted the bride, Grace Gwaltney, and her entourage, white outside of the Fairmont Hotel.

“We all lost it,” wedding photographer Rachel Rowland told RCRA. “The bridesmaids shuffled out of the limo, and he posed with photos and congratulated everyone, and then as fast as he popped in, he was gone. It was just so sweet and fun!”

“You see him and then he starts speaking and he was like, ‘You look so beautiful. I’m so happy for you,’” the bride shared. “He was talking in my ear, I was thinking of Toy Story.”

Photo Credit: Rachel Rowland

Tom’s wife Rita Wilson, who was with him at the time, also jumped in for photos with the bridal party. The bride and her party then went to Carnegie Music Hall for the wedding ceremony.

While standing back-to-back with her groom Luke during prayer, Grace had an opportunity to tell him, “I just met Tom Hanks.”

This isn’t the first time Tom has walked into a wedding party to ask for photos. Last October, the actor spotted Diciembre and Tashia Farries who had just tied the knot on the beach by Santa Monica. He simply walked up and posed with the newlyweds.

“We see a guy walking through the crowd and initially I’m like, ‘Who’s this guy getting in our pictures?’” 37-year-old Tashia told People at the time. “And we hear everyone like, ‘Wait, is that Tom Hanks?’”


Source: Good News Network