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Viral video shows 10-year-old with cerebral palsy joyfully dancing with dad



  • Freya Booker, 10, was born with cerebral palsy, and epilepsy.
  • Despite her condition, Freya is a happy girl as her parents keep her mentally and physically active.
  • Her recent “inchstone” was dancing and a video of it became trending on social media!

Meet Freya Booker. Once you know her, there’s no chance you will see her not smiling.

The 10-year-old was born prematurely and diagnosed with a brain disease, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. Despite her physical disorders and the round-the-clock care she needs, Freya managed to be the epitome of joy.

Photo Credit: Graham Booker/Facebook

The social media photos of her parents Graham Booker and Johanna Ekström reveal that their little sunshine is indeed a bundle of joy.

Freya’s dad and mom from Gothenburg, Sweden, want to keep her physically and mentally active, and so they work with her every day, documenting her progress which they call “inchstones.”

Photo Credit: Graham Booker/Facebook

“We don’t really like Freya to sit in her wheelchair all day,” Graham said. “We like to interact with her as much as possible.”

So far, the young girl has mastered standing up without help and riding her own customized bicycle, Recently, she hit another inchstone: dancing! The dance was recorded in a video which was uploaded, with a caption “INCHSTONE ALERT: Super Freya Dances!”

“[Freya] loves all kinds of music, from Adele to Metallica,” Graham said.

The video took a life of its own and soon reached over nine million views, as TinySuperheroes, a children’s charity, shared it on social media.

“Even when the video was up to 6.2 [thousand] views, it was amazing,” Graham exclaimed. “We aren’t used to being this famous!”

Robyn Rosenberger, TinySuperheroes’ CEO and founder, said seeing families like Freya’s brings a ray of sunshine to their community.


“Every viral video like Freya’s helps combat isolation and promote positivity in the online community of children that are facing unique challenges,” Robyn said. “Everyone has a story that is so worth hearing.”

Photo Credit: Graham Booker/Facebook

And we couldn’t agree more. Just seeing Freya dance and laugh with her dad on the video, as they boogied in their living room, is more than enough proof that positivity should be the consistent trend in the online world.

Source: Inspire More