Watch Cat Punish Sibling For Eating All Her Food In A Hilarious Video

  • A TikTok video posted by @xeno.and.luna has the internet in stitches and garnering over a million views.
  • The tabby cat Luna has shut down the lid of a cardboard box on her brother Xeno who ate all her food.
  • Cat owners can relate to the familiar scene of cat siblings getting involved in a fight after one has “wronged” the other. 

One video that has been doing the rounds of the net and making viewers laugh was posted by @xeno.and.luna on TikTok.

The video’s caption reads: “Throwback to when Luna decided to punish Xeno for eating all of her food.”

@xeno.and.luna She’s gotta stand up for herself🤷🏼‍♀️ #catsoftiktok #cat #fyp #catlover #cutecat #greedycat #funny #standupforyourself #xenoandluna #bully ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Luna the tabby cat shuts the clear lid of a cardboard box on her brother Xeno and makes sure that he cannot escape.

The clip has been viewed more than a million times since January 1 and liked by more than 156,000 viewers.

This scene is all too familiar for cat owners as they do get into fights every now and then.  As one probable cat owner knows too well commented: “Ahhh cats. they truly are the best and do the funniest things.”

Photo Credit: @xeno.and.luna (TikTok)

While another one jokes: “She don’t play about her food. Xeno popped out like ‘I’m sorry sis I won’t do it again’ and Luna’s like ‘darn right you won’t! I’ll mess you up!'”

One commenter asked how Xeno ended up inside the box.

Their owner answered: “They were both playing with the box, and once he got in, she decided he deserved to stay in there for a bit.” To which one user wrote: “Cat criminals disserve cat justice I guess.”

Photo Credit: @xeno.and.luna (TikTok)

Pet food company Purina lists the following reasons why cats fight: rough play, aggression and over territory.

Rough play occurs when one cat gets too excited over another and the claws get unsheathed. Aggression happens when one cat asserts domination over the other. And lastly, the most common is over territory or space.

The pet food company suggests providing separate feeding areas and many water stations so food fights can be avoided.  Quiet, private areas should also be available for ‘me time” when cats feel anti-social. Spray cat-appeasing pheromone products or CBD on furniture to minimize stress or aggressive behavior.

Another video posted by Luna and Xeno’s owner showed the younger cat getting his revenge.

@xeno.and.luna Replying to @MidEvlDed PART 2: He tried🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #cat #catfighting #catfightchallenge #fyp #cutecat #brotherandsisterlove #part2 #funnycatsoftiktok #catsoftiktok ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

As for Luna getting her revenge on Xeno, it is just a playful reminder to the younger cat that he cannot always have his way.

Source: Newsweek

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There are just SOME things even a brother should NOT DO, period! Xeno overstepped, & Luna let him know it.

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