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We Can’t Get Enough of This Adorable Smiling Shiba Inu! [Video]



  • Uni, a 9-month-old Shiba Inu from Tokyo, Japan, is stealing the hearts of thousands for his adorable smiling face.
  • Uni is a delight to have around — and he’s also very well-behaved!
  • This good boy continues to spread happiness to his family and to countless people all over the world.

Pups are simply adorable creatures, especially when they’re happy! Their happiness is just contagious.

One such pup has become beloved by thousands of fans for his seemingly always-happy face. Uni, a 9-month-old Shiba Inu from Tokyo, Japan, now has over 115,000 fans from all over the world!

uni shiba
Photo Credit: Instagram

It’s no doubt that Uni brightens every place he goes to — and his owner confirms it. It’s a plus that he has also learned to be friendly and well-behaved after traveling with his family for months!

“When he’s in public, he’s calm, doesn’t bark, or run around, which makes hanging a stress-free and enjoyable experience,” his human told Bored Panda.

Simply seeing this cutie’s face can instantly brighten someone’s day. Just take a look at these pictures that prove it:

1. Who wouldn’t want to proudly share pictures of this adorable pup?

uni shiba inu
Photo Credit: Instagram

2. Uni tends to smile even bigger when there’s food!

uni human food
Photo Credit: Instagram

3. He’s a bona fide foodie!

Photo Credit: Instagram

4. While he may not be allowed all kinds of food, it still pleases him to simply be surrounded by delicious-looking goodies.

Photo Credit: Instagram

5. He’s probably thinking of ways to sneakily get in a taste when his owner’s not looking, though!

Photo Credit: Instagram

6. But of course, his owner makes sure he gets all the treats he deserves!

uni dog food
Photo Credit: Instagram

7. Uni’s smile just kept growing bigger, just like he did.

Photo Credit: Instagram

8. His smile is truly contagious!

Photo Credit: Instagram

9. Uni’s owner says that his little white feet are almost as adorable as his smile.

Photo Credit: Instagram

10. But his happy face remains to be his best feature.

Photo Credit: Instagram

11. This good boy has brought a lot of happiness not just to his owner but also to countless people around the world.

Photo Credit: Instagram

12. Just get a load of this cutie pie!

What a joy to be part of this cutie pie’s life!

We simply can’t get enough of him — good thing we can always check up on him on Instagram!

Share these photos to continue spreading Uni’s happiness.


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