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Winston the Cat’s Unusual Toy: Empty Cinnamon Bottle



  • With a rough start to life in the streets, Winston the Cat has become food-obsessed.
  • When he got adopted, he still obsessed over food that he would even munch on his soft toys.
  • One day his parents found out that his favorite toy, cuddle buddy, and new obsession is an empty cinnamon bottle.

Winston used to live in the streets. Food was hard to come by and he usually had to fight for it. That is why when he got adopted and had plenty of food, he still had a food obsession. Even small, soft toys became food, according to his mom Emily Tan.

Photo Credit: Emily Tan

So, every toy had to be examined or taken away by his parents if it was not Winston-safe.

One day, his parents left an empty bottle of cinnamon on a windowsill to be thrown later to the recycle bin. It suddenly disappeared and was later found in Winston’s box. 

In the days after, they would see Winston cuddling the bottle. When they would try to take it away, he would complain.  Winston simply decided that the bottle was his new favorite toy.

Photo Credit: Emily Tan

His mom said, “He has a very strong grab-and-pull reflex, so any time he’s snuggling with the bottle, he is very resistant to it being taken away.”  Winston would hug the bottle to his chest and his mom finds it cute.

But come to think of it, the cinnamon bottle turns out to be a very good option for a toy for Winston who destroys or even eats his toys. The bottle would be difficult to chew and so they let him play and cuddle with the bottle. 

Photo Credit: Emily Tan

Tan said, “His cinnamon bottle is a much safer option for him, since it’s hard plastic and he can’t get his jaws around it. So, because of that, we haven’t had to take this one away from him.”

And the obsession has not wavered. It has been a few months now but Winston still loves holding it. There are times that he knocks and chases the bottle around but he just loves being with it. It has become his best friend.

Source: The Dodo