Woman Bursts Into Tears After Rescuing A Stray That Looked Like Her Dog Who Passed Away

  • A woman lost her dog of 14 years and she is still in mourning.
  • But fate had other plans when she encountered a stray pup who needed care and attention.
  • When the woman cut the rescued pup’s hair, she discovered its uncanny resemblance to her dog who died.

Losing a faithful companion that you have shared your life with for years is a painful experience and would take time to get used to.

But a woman who just lost her 14-year-old dog is now asking if the pup she rescued is a reincarnation or sent by her dog to comfort her in her grief?  

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It all started when the woman saw a scraggly dog darting across the road from behind a truck and in front of her and so she parked to look for the dog.

She said, “He was so little — and given my freshly wounded heart from the loss of my own fur baby, — I did not want to risk leaving him to be hit by someone.”

Photo Credit: Anonymous

And when they finally found each other and locked eyes, it’s as if they have known each other all their lives. But she still tried to locate the owner of the dog who was not microchipped. 

She brought him to a vet to be checked and found that he is mostly healthy but his hair was heavily matted.  She also named the dog, Stitch.  And when he cut his hair, she realized that the pup was a spitting image of her dog Lela— the one who passed away.  This brought her to tears.

Photo Credit: Anonymous

Even with her attention and the instant connection between them, Stitch was still shy. She said, “He was a little skittish and not sure how to play with toys.” She added, “Now, he absolutely loves to bring us his toys and play with us. He ended up turning into the most loveable dog in the world and brings so much joy to our lives.”

The woman is now wondering if it was Lela who sent Stitch to her to mend her broken heart. Heaven sent or just a strange twist of fate, we’re happy that they found each other.

Source: The Dodo

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