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Woman Donates Kidney To Save The Life Of Her Arresting Officer



  • Jocelyn was once on the wanted list in Franklin County being addicted to opioids along with her other crimes of stealing and breaking the law.
  • But her life was changed when she was arrested by Terrell Potter and she remains grateful to him for what he’s done. 
  • So when she heard that the former police officer’s kidney was failing, she donated hers to extend his life.

Jocelynn James was once addicted to opioids and had been on the  ‘Most Wanted List’ in Franklin County, Alabama, along with her other crimes of stealing and breaking the law. She had been arrested many times between 2007 to 2012 by police officer Terrell Potter. 

But now, Jocelynn is grateful to Terrell because she believes he saved her when she was arrested. In return, she is giving him her kidney to save his life.

Terrel has since retired from service and in November, he discovered his kidney was failing. But the organ replacement waiting list would take 7-8-years, said the doctors.

As soon as Jocelynn learned of Terrel’s situation through a Facebook post, she did not hesitate to donate hers. She said, God told her it was the right thing to do — and as it was, they were a perfect match!

Photo Credit: Jocelynn James

More than a month ago, the surgery took place and it was successful! Along with the healing of Jocelyn is her willingness to use her life to heal others.

She now manages a non-profit organization that gives counseling to women about drug addiction, and in this coming November, she will be celebrating eight years of being sober. 

Photo Credit: Jocelynn James

In an interview with KTTV, Terrell said he now considers Jocelyn as his daughter. “It’s made a great relationship and a bond between us that can go forever.” 

Jocelyn on the other hand expressed how rewarding it was to be able to save someone’s life. “To be able to give another human a kidney to extend his life is really rewarding,” she said.

Source: Good News Network