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Worried Dog Waited At The Door For Dad To Come Home From The Hospital



  • Katie thought her dog’s stay at her parent’s home was only temporary when she sent her there for vacation back in April.
  • But then, Leia and her dad bonded so deeply that the pup was even worried when her dad had to stay in the hospital one time.
  • So Katie decided to have Leia stay permanently at her parent’s home because clearly, “he is her human now.”

Katie Snyder sent her dog, Leila, for a vacation at her parent’s home back in April. She was thinking it to be temporary but what happened was quite something she never expected.

The pup loves Katie’s parents but she’s not at all that showy. 

“Leia is not your typical cuddly dog,” Katie told The Dodo. “She’s very independent and laid-back.” 

Photo Credit: Katie Snyder

She added that the dog has her own way of showing affection. “Whether it be by laying near you during movie night or sitting outside of the bathroom door waiting for you to finish.”

It was clear to see that Leia was enjoying her stay at Katie’s parents’ home. But as to what extent she loves her parents, especially her dad, she only realized that when something happened that put their relationship to test.

Photo Credit: Katie Snyder

One time, Katie’s parents went out to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, but her dad suddenly felt ill due to secondary complications from cancer. He stayed for the night at the hospital and because of COVID-19, her mom can’t accompany him so she went home alone. 

Seeing that her dad did not come home with her mom, Leia was so worried she stayed by the front door waiting for dad to come home!

Katie’s mom took a photo of Leia clearly distressed with head bowed down and sent it to her. 

“When she sent me that picture, I immediately burst into tears. It absolutely killed me,” Katie said. “I was able to see how much [Leia] truly loved my dad and that she was missing him.”

Photo Credit: Katie Snyder

As soon as dad returned home, he and Leia were both so thrilled to see each other again.

Realizing how deep her dad and Leia’s bond has grown, Katie decided to have her pup’s stay with them permanently.

“When it comes to loyalty, she is the true definition of a dog,” Katie said. “He is her human now.”

Source: The Dodo