11 Pet Adoptions that Helped Celebrities Get Through 2020

Pet Adoptions that Helped Celebrities Get Through 2020

  • Celebrities also had it hard this year.
  • So they brought some happiness into their lives by helping rescue animals and welcoming them into their homes.
  • Take a look at 11 rescue pet adoptions that helped filled a hole in these celebrities’ hearts.

With the countless issues we’ve faced this year, it’s difficult to look back and do a “year in review.” What’s certain, however, is that pets were like rays of sunshine that brought happiness to everyone — including celebrities.

Take a look at celebrities who got through 2020 by welcoming a pet in their lives. These 11 rescue pet adoptions brought each of them happiness and hope, and in some cases, filled a hole in their hearts.

1. Sophia Bush and Maggie

The actress fell in love with Maggie when she fostered her at the start of the pandemic and “made it official” in May.


2. Orlando Bloom and Buddy

The actor’s beloved dog, Mighty, went missing over the summer and was later confirmed to have passed away. So he tried to fill the Mighty-sized hole in his heart by fostering little Buddy.


3. Jonathan Van Ness and Pablo

JVN adopted Pablo from no-kill animal shelter Austin Pets Alive! while filming Queer Eye. The happy pup soon joined his four cat siblings at home.


4. Jon Hamm and Splash

The Mad Men actor is a well-known rescue dog lover, so he took in Splash, who was returned to the shelter twice by people who couldn’t handle his “puppy energy.”


5. Jennifer Aniston and Lord Chesterfield

The Friends star adopted this little cutie from L.A. rescue organization Wagmor Pets.


6. Julianne Moore and Hope

A year and a half after their family lost their beloved Lab mix named Cherry, the actress was paired by Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue with a Lab mix also named Cherry! They later renamed the 12-week-old puppy Hope.


7. Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Panda

Panda is the Jonas family’s third pup. They took him in from Hollywood Huskies, which rescues pups from abusive shelters in California.


8. Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and Louis

The actress and singer duo welcomed rescue kitty Louis to join their growing fur family of two cats, Ginger and Snow, and dog Jules.


9. Ava Phillippe and Benji

The day their family dog Pepper succumbed to cancer was also the day Ava took in rescue pup named Benji. Ava’s mom, Reese Witherspoon, also took in a new puppy, Minnie Pearl, a few weeks later.


10. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Kumi, and Sato

The popular 90s pair recently adopted Kumi and Sato, adorable twin Akita puppies.


11. Sarah Paulson and Winnie

The American Horror Story star took in Winnifred this year and fulfilled her dreams of becoming a pet parent. She now shares adorable pup photos during her Winnie Wednesdays on Instagram.


These pets are adorable! They certainly brightened their new parents’ days and filled them with hope.

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Source: Daily Paws

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