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12-year-old Florida Hero Skillfully Saves Mother, Earns Community Applause



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  • Jarrell “JJ” Wilson, a brave 12-year-old boy from Florida, was celebrated as a “Hometown Hero” for skillfully calling 911 during his mother’s medical emergency.
  • The Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue (PBCFR) and the local Sheriff’s Office recognized JJ’s amazing poise by awarding him with bravery awards.
  • JJ, along with his mother, was given the unique opportunity to personally meet the 911 dispatcher he communicated with during the critical incident.

Illustrating exceptional courage and quick-wittedness, a 12-year-old Floridian boy received applause from his community. The admirably brave youngster, Jarrell “JJ” Wilson of Palm Beach County, displayed an unusual level of maturity when his mother was in the middle of a medical emergency.

During this ordeal on May 3, JJ swiftly stepped in to aid his mother by dialing 911. “Anytime someone calls 911, it’s a stressful and emotional situation. Critical information must be passed promptly and accurately,” remarked Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue (PBCFR) on their social media.

PBCFR commended JJ’s outstanding management of the situation, highlighting that he was effective in communicating what was happening, and responded to questions promptly, clearly, and calmly. They added, “He performed excellently!”

Living up to his “Hometown Hero” title, JJ was awarded by the PBCFR firefighters in an event last week. Photos from the celebration depicted a delighted JJ alongside his mother, trying out a firefighter’s hose, and enjoying the recognition he deserved.

But the commendations for this young hero were not limited to the PBCFR. JJ’s church recognized his courage with an award, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office joined in to honor him.

Adding a touching dimension to the series of accolades, JJ and his mother were given the chance to meet the 911 dispatcher who played a key role on that significant day.

Echoing the spirit of their vibrant community, the fire and rescue team proclaimed, “everyone is #PBCFRProud of JJ!” His story is an inspiration to us all, testifying to bravery, regardless of age.



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