15 Photos of Cats being Overly Dramatic

Cats being Overly Dramatic

  • Cats can have the most dramatic reactions to simple things.
  • From fixing their cat parents with an icy glare to giving them the cold shoulder, cats don’t need words to show their feelings.
  • Take a look at 15 hilarious photos of cats being their overly dramatic selves!

Aside from being known for their attitude, cats also seem to have the strangest reactions to things. They can also be overly dramatic when asking for food, as if they’re about to die of hunger!

Every cat parent will surely face the repercussion when they make a mistake with their cat.

Just take a look at these dramatic cats and their Oscar-worthy performances:

1. “Mother!!! I’m starving!!!”

Photo Credit: Imgur

2. “Am I being replaced?!”

Photo Credit: Imgur

3. “Get that thing away from me!”

Photo Credit: give it love

4. He looks like he’s about to be thrown off a cliff and into a stampede of wildebeests.

Photo Credit: Unfriendly/Imgur

5. “So this is snow. It’s kind of relaxing… wait, I’m freezing! Take me back! Now!”

Photo Credit: IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant/Imgur

6. “Where are you, human, and where is my food?!”

Photo Credit: sobaliv/Imgur

7. “I’m… stuck? No! I’m dying!”

Photo Credit: ShpongleDMT/Imgur

8. “Why did you have to yell at me? I just wanted to chuck the houseplants closer to the sun.”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

9. “So, you spilled my milk and have chosen war.”

Photo Credit: fieldsc/Reddit

10. “Yes, you caught me! I set the house on fire! Now set me free!”

Photo Credit: riadijaneiro/Imgur

11. After being locked out in the rain, we don’t know whether this cat is sadder or angrier. That facial expression is definitely Oscar-worthy, though.

Photo Credit: Dipauli/Imgur

12. “You have time for gaming but not for me?”

Photo Credit: sparrowtm/Reddit

13. “Noooooo!! Anything but the water!”

Photo Credit: sunshinetay/Imgur

14. “Don’t touch me! Find out why I’m angry first.”

Photo Credit: @cosmillo_blanco/Instagram

15. “Get ready world, I’m on my way!”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

These dramatic cats each deserve an Academy Award for best actor! Their expressions are truly wide-ranging that they don’t need words to convey their feelings!

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Source: give it love

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