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Toddler pleads his case after getting in trouble [Video]



  • When LaTasha Dove found her toddler Finn, he was covered in green marker scribbles.
  • He and his cousins had wanted to turn him into the Hulk.
  • The adorable Finn pled his case and said they can take a bath while thinking about what they’ve done.

When a toddler got in trouble for drawing all over himself with green marker, he surprised his mom by pleading his case.

Three-and-a-half year old Finn Dove from Fort Payne, Alabama, was half-naked and covered in green marker scribbles when she was found by his mom LaTasha Dove.

Here he is in the middle with his two cousins:

Photo Credit: LaTasha Dove

In a video shared by Finn’s dad Chris on YouTube, LaTasha wrote, “No one warned me how mischievous toddlers are.”

Thinking that the three kids were simply playing with toys, LaTasha went on to clean Finn’s room.

But she soon discovered that they did more than just playing:

It turns out that the kids thought of turning Finn into a “bad guy” like the Incredible Hulk, so they tried to color him in.

When asked if that’s why they got a marker, a shame-faced Finn replied, “Yeah, we wanted to be bad guys. That’s why we did it.”

Photo Credit: LaTasha Dove

“And we’re sorry. Are you mad at us?” he asked.

LaTasha answered, “I mean, I’m pretty upset.”


He then asks, “Is daddy gonna be mad too?”

toddler pleads his case

“Who knows,” his mom answers.

He then suggested, “Maybe we could take a bath while we think about what we done.”

toddler pleads his case

When asked if thinking about it will remove the mess on his body, the smart toddler says, “If we take a bath, it will.”

LaTasha simply couldn’t get mad at the three cuties!

She noted in the video caption, “I sound like I was going to snap but I swear I was only stifling giggles. Never a dull moment with these babies and I love it!”

The video has since gone viral on several social media platforms. Viewers shared how they couldn’t stop watching the adorable Finn plead his case in his “super-cute” voice.

One commenter wrote, “CUTENESS OVERLOAD, you can’t be mad at them. He’s going to be a very good lawyer one day.”

Source: Daily Mail