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8-Year-Old Boy Choreographs Own Dance With Sister After Missing Ballet Recital [Video]



  • Maximus loves ballet dancing and he is not letting anyone or anything stops him from achieving his dream to become a professional ballet dancer. 
  • The 8-year-old boy has started dancing since he was just 2 and has never stopped since. 
  • Recently, he and his sister did a performance at home after they missed their recitals because of the pandemic.

Maximus Turner has already done so much in breaking stereotypes since he was just two years old than most adults in this generation. 

The now 8-year-old boy is a passionate ballet dancer, together with his 6-year-old sister who has the same passion as him.

“He’s always doing aerials and stuff in our living room,” their mother, Michelle Turner told GMA of his love for dancing. “He dances nonstop. It’s in his bones.”

But being a boy dancing ballet, it was definitely not an easy journey for him. His mom reminded him that he might get mean comments from people who don’t understand, but that didn’t stop him in pursuing his dream. 

Also, his dad is in the U.S. Army and they move a lot so he doesn’t stay in one dance studio for long. Recently, they moved to Alabama plus due to COVID-19, he couldn’t possibly perform in the end-of-year recital of his dance studio. 

But instead of getting disappointed, he took it as a chance to perform with his sister at home using their own choreography! 

Photo Credit: @go_maximus (Instagram)

The siblings worked hard for this special collaboration. They even did the research for the music, practiced their solo and duet performances, and the result was absolutely fantastic! 

Michelle took a video of the performance and proudly shared it on Instagram which instantly stole many hearts and quickly got viral. 

Photo Credit: @go_maximus (Instagram)

They are so adorable to watch and it’s inspiring how Maximus is not letting any negativity stop him from doing what he loves the most. Most of all, he inspires other kids and adults alike, to pursue their dreams regardless of people’s opinions. After all, their opinions don’t really matter. What matters most is the pursuit of one’s own happiness. 

Source: Inspire More