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Adorable Pup Loves His Bed So Much He Would Rather Spend Most Of His Time In It [Video]



  • King has been part of his family for a few months now, and they noticed he has developed an extreme liking to just lay on his special bed most of the time.
  • The fluffy bed was given to him as a gift by his family the first time he went home with them.
  • Since then, King can’t bear to be apart from it that every time he needs to go out for a walk, he would always rush back to take a nap on his bed.

It has been just a few months since King became part of his new family, and he already knows his most favorite thing to do—is to sleep!

“He’s playful and loves affection, but also enjoys a big nap,” King’s dad, Claye Jackson, told The Dodo.

On the very first day he came home with the family, they gave him a gift—a fluffy bed all for himself—and he has since become obsessed with it.

King is so in love with his bed he can’t bear to be apart from it even for just a few hours in a day. Every time they go out for a walk, he would always come running back to the house towards the end of their exercise just so he could lie on his bed again.

Photo Credit: Claye Jackson

“He does it every single time after a walk,” Claye said. “He starts running faster towards the end of his walk, he knows the way home.” 

Naturally, he sleeps on his own bed during the night, but during the day, he still chooses to lay on it most of his time and nap. Even when he needs to be out of the house at times, he would probably still be thinking about how to get back right away and be with his bed—which is something most of us can relate to!

Photo Credit: Claye Jackson

While it is true that dogs are food lovers in nature, well King definitely loves to sleep and nap more, and we think that his obsession with his bed is the cutest thing of all!

Source: The Dodo