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“Afro” Duck Brothers Love Sightseeing And Window Shopping [Video]



  • Long and Phung are crested duck brothers who love sightseeing and window shopping.
  • Their parents trained them to be well-behaved, and they wear diapers whenever they go out.
  • Known as the “Afro duck boys,” the brothers while their time away browsing store shelves at the mall.

We’ve all seen diaper-clad dogs in the mall. But have you seen diaper-wearing ducks?

Meet Long and Phung (Vietnamese for Dragon and Phoenix), the crested duck brothers known as the “Afro duck boys.” These two well-behaved ducks love visiting the mall to go window shopping!

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Their parents, Alice and Matthew from Maryland, have always loved birds. They already have parrots so they also wanted to have ducks as pets.

Alice shared that Long and Phung “love going around stores browsing stuff on shelves” as their pastime.

Check out the boys eyeing a dinosaur toy at the Mind Games store in Arundel Mills:

"Afro" Duck Brothers Love Sightseeing And Window Shopping
Photo Credit: Instagram/afroduckboys

Alice shared, “They stopped and stared at this toy for several minutes. I think I know what they want for Christmas now.”

Alice said that the brothers consider her their mom. She and her husband did a great job in training the ducks well. But the ducks physically can’t be potty-trained, so they have to wear diapers when they go out in public.

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A post shared by Long & Phung the Duck brothers (@afroduckboys)

Alice said that Long and Phung are trained to follow her closely.


“They do not disturb anyone or mess with products, and are pretty quiet,” she added. “We have gotten many compliments for how well-behaved they are, with a few people saying they’re more behaved than children.”

Take a look at these bandana-sporting brothers checking out some books at Books-A-Million:

Aside from being well-behaved, these intelligent ducks are also affectionate and loyal.

Still, Alice warned anyone thinking about getting pet ducks that it involves a lot of work and is “not for the faint of heart.”

She said, “Ducks require lots of time and cleaning as they are quite messy. One major reason they wear diapers indoors. I recommend doing research first.”

You can follow the Afro duck boys on their sightseeing and window-shopping adventures on Instagram and TikTok!

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