Artist Creates Surreal Images of Food and Animal Hybrids

Artist Creates Surreal Images of Food and Animal Hybrids

  • Ronald Ong was inspired to create images of food items merged with animals when he was eating a cookie one day.
  • Some of his surreal creations combine a zebra with Oreos, a fox with bread slices, and an owl and a pineapple.
  • The results offer a peek into a whimsical world of food-animal hybrids that transcend reality.

With the online world quickly becoming the main venue to showcase talent, creativity is aplenty. Different forms of art have emerged and yet artists still find a new medium to express their ideas. One artist, Ronald Ong, is creating art that combines food and animals to produce surreal hybrids.

His creations seem to offer a peek into a world that transcends realities. Some images combine images of an ape with grapes, a Zebra with Oreos, and a gecko with a cucumber.

Ronald, who shares his artwork on Instagram under the username @ronnaldong, has already earned over 456k followers.

He shared that he was initially hesitant to share these images since they do not fit in with his usual creations, which could disrupt his “consistency feed.” But he later decided, “You are an artist, and you are here to create instead of pleasing the algorithm.”

Take a look at some of his works:

1. ZEBREO. Ronald says he was inspired to make this when he was eating Oreos.

2. GR-APE. Apes are stronger together.

3. CUCUMGECKO. The juicy cucumber slices could be helping this gecko remain cold.

4. CHICK-UITA BANANA. We hope this chick doesn’t trip over himself!

5. CROISSANT CAT. Ronald said this random idea was brought to life on Photoshop within 30 minutes.

6. LOAFOX. Add foxes to the list of animals that look like bread.

7. & 8. PINEAPPOWL & ORANGE TIGER. Ronald said he was flooded with ideas once he considered all the fruits!

You can see more of his work on his Instagram.

Source: sunny skyz

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