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Baby squirrel released into the wild keeps coming back to rescuer’s home



  • Patty discovered Bunk the squirrel in her backyard. 
  • Bunk was nursed and raised to adulthood and was reintroduced into the wild. 
  • However, Bunk came back after five days.

Patty Robinson wants people to know one thing about living with a wild animal: “Squirrels do not make good pets. They’re messy, expensive, they can bite, they need their own room, etc.”

Despite this, Patty has lived with Bunk, a squirrel she rescued as a little orphaned baby in her backyard, for the past six years.


Patty, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with Bunk and her other pets, said that the animal would not leave and that she would not give up on him!

Her adventure with Bunk began when she spotted something scurrying around in her backyard. She discovered a newborn squirrel but no mother. Patty, a self-described carer and animal lover, knew the moment she saw him that she’d raise the baby to maturity and then release him.


Bunk was his nickname because he’d be bunking with her. Bunk, on the other hand, had no intention of ever abandoning his new human mama!

Patty got to work researching raising squirrels. She was astonished to discover that most of the material available on the internet is inaccurate.

She discovered that squirrels are far more resourceful and sociable than most people believe.


Squirrels, according to Patty, eat a lot of veggies and fruits. The critters do not have rabies and cannot contract it. They are more sociable than people and have a strong sense of family. They are incredible builders, planting thousands of trees each year.

When the time came, Patty attempted to reintroduce Bunk into the wild.

“I did free Bunk – he was gone for five days!” she said. “He returned scared, growling.”


Bunk returned after the squirrel mom tried three more times to release him following the first failed attempt. At that point,  Patty realized her furry roommate was here to stay! She decided to dedicate an entire room in her house to Bunk, transforming it into a gigantic squirrel’s nest where he can run, leap, climb, and sleep in a setting similar to his natural habitat.


Bunk also has a say in what she puts in his nest. He dislikes some things and clearly loves others. If Patty tries to tidy up or rearrange his prized possessions, she claims he gives her the stink eye!

Patty describes Bunk as a “gift” who has helped her to be more in tune with nature. While he is free to leave whenever he wants, he chooses to stay, which means everything to her.


Source: Inspire More