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Baby stoats frolic over a trampoline – it was a blast! [Video]



  • Robert Fuller is a wildlife artist from Thixendale, North Yorkshire.
  • He built an entire “jungle gym” on his yard for his wild neighbors: hedgehogs, owls, foxes, badgers and a family of stoats.
  • The trampoline seemed to be the main feature, having stoats enjoy every bit of their time on it!

Thixendale, North Yorkshire – Robert Fuller is a certified wildlife enthusiast. His latest showpiece was a jungle gym he built on his yard, with a trampoline taking the center stage.

Robert had no idea this would be a hit to a family of stoats.

Short-tailed weasels or stoats are aloof animals, usually kept to themselves. They are also known to be playful creatures with a formidable sense of curiosity. That’s why when they saw the trampoline in Robert’s yard, they were all frantic and excited!

Photo Credit: Robert Fuller/Facebook

According to Robert, it was way back in 2015 when he first noticed a stoat on the trampoline, leaving its pawprints all over the place. He got curious, and decided to set up cameras in his garden to personally witness what these adorable animals were up to.

“When I developed my camera set-up a few years later, the trampoline was a prime contender for a camera and I soon had exciting clips of stoats bouncing and having fun,” Robert said.

Apparently, the stoats knew what the trampoline is for, and they were simply having a blast!

“The stoat kits seem to meet at the trampoline to play and have fun! They seem to like the texture of the material and use it for particularly bouncy playfights and stretching,” he added.

But what’s good about stoats — even if it seemed like they’ve taken over Robert’s makeshift jungle — was they knew how to share the fun with their fellow wild animals that Robert has in his property, such as owls, badgers, hedgehogs, and foxes.

Photo Credit: Robert Fuller/YouTube

Robert further explained that the trampoline serves a better purpose, as it is also used as a training ground for these wild animals to hasten their hunting skills.

For Robert, what matters most is that he is able to create an impeccable environment for his wild friends!

Source: The Dodo