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Woman Surprised to Learn About Dog’s Blindness since he can Navigate Through Obstacles [Video]



  • Dave the Border Collie has been navigating just fine ever since he joined Jane Downes’ family nine months ago.
  • It was only after a chance encounter that Jane found out that Dave had been blind since birth.
  • Vets were baffled by Dave’s story, especially since he can easily navigate through an obstacle course!

One dog mom had no idea that her dog was completely blind — the pup seemed to have no trouble navigating around obstacles!

Jane Downes, 69, bought Dave the Border Collie from an animal rescue center in February 2020. She said that she was not informed of any issues regarding his sight, and the local vet also didn’t mention anything.

Dave even jumped into the back of the car for the trip home to his new family!

There were only just a couple of instances that he walked into things, but Jane thought it could be because he was a sheepdog who was more used to living in an open barn than a house.

And so they continued on for about nine months, with Dave happily playing with other dogs and being able to reach Jane whenever she called.

Woman Surprised to Learn About Dog's Blindness since he can Navigate Through Obstacles
Photo Credit: SWNS

It was only when Dave stumbled over a step at a local pet shop that the owner told Jane that her dog might have issues with his sight.

When she took him to a specialist vet, she learned that Dave, believed to be about five or seven years old, has had undeveloped retinas since birth — which meant that he’s completely blind.

Dave’s story soon baffled vets who learned about it,” Jane said. “He’s a blind dog that can see. Maybe it’s a sixth sense, who knows?”

David Williams, a top veterinary ophthalmologist from Cambridge University, suggested some obstacle course challenges for Dave. And he passed with flying colors! He was easily able to navigate around the obstacles and reach Jane when she called.

Woman Surprised to Learn About Dog's Blindness since he can Navigate Through Obstacles
Photo Credit: SWNS

“I see a lot of blind dogs and they all bump into objects in a way that Dave didn’t—so at present he is a medical mystery,” David told a local newspaper. “Just because I’ve been doing this for 33 years, it doesn’t mean I’ve seen everything, and this I can’t explain.”

“He had everyone fooled — even me as his owner I was fooled for nine months,” Jane added.

Dave may not be able to see, but he can chase other dogs around and play with them, just as he does now with the newest addition to their family, two-year-old Border Collie Sammy.

Source: Good News Network