Boy writes sweet notes about foster dog to give to pup’s adopters

  • A six-year-old boy fostered a pit bull mix that was too young to be adopted.
  • The boy was with the dog during its formative months.
  • When the dog was old enough to be adopted, the boy wrote letters for the pup’s adopters.

Roman Duncan, six, inserted several adoring notes about his foster dog into the paperwork for her relocation to North Shore Animal League America.

The boy wants everyone to know that Maggie, a pit bull mix pup, is “the best dog.”

Maggie is from the nonprofit North Shore Animal League America (NSALA). Last year, the group rescued the puppy and quickly put out a need for a foster family.


Maggie, who was too young to be adopted, needed a foster home after her rescue to help her adjust to her new home and develop her basic obedience skills. Maggie was placed with the Duncan family in Louisiana as a foster dog.

NSALA said six-year-old Roman immediately connected with Maggie and nurtured the puppy during her developmental stages. Throughout the process, Roman’s family made it apparent that fostering Maggie meant that she would eventually be adopted by another family.

Even though Roman knew his new cuddling friend wouldn’t be staying in his home forever, he built a particular bond with her and was sad to see her leave for the NSALA’s shelter in Port Washington, New York when she was old enough to be adopted.


To help him process his emotions, Roman decided to write letters to Maggie’s potential forever family, informing them about the wonderful dog.

“Maggie is the best dog you could ask for,” the notes said, and “loves cutelleyes [sic] and being loved.”


Roman tucked his letters into Maggie’s paperwork before she was loaded aboard the plane to New York. The Animal League America rescue team was overjoyed by this pleasant surprise. When Maggie found her permanent family, NSALA made sure that Roman’s messages complimenting her cuteness, good manners, and great personality reached her adopters.

NSALA believes that Roman’s notesΒ and experience with a foster puppy would encourage other families to consider fostering pets. Visit the NSALA website to learn more about pet fostering possibilities and the organization’s animal rescue activities.

Source: People

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