Bride helps deliver calf in the mud in her wedding gown

Bride helps deliver calf in the mud in her wedding gown

  • It’s just another day of hard work on the farm for Jessa Laws, even during her wedding day.
  • When their cow went into labor during her wedding reception, she didn’t think twice and helped deliver its calf down in the mud.
  • Her wedding dress was completely ruined, but it was surely one special night.

It was about to be one memorable day for farmer Jessa Laws. She was getting married, but she had no idea that she would be delivering a calf, too.

Jessa and Ben Laws were having their wedding on April 24 at their farm in Gorae, Australia, when their cow, aptly named Drama, wanted to take over the spotlight by going into labor.

Jessa shared that they had actually joked about Drama giving birth on their wedding day. On their special day, Drama was about three or four days overdue, so they asked a friend to keep an eye on her.

It was early in the evening, during the wedding reception, when Drama had gone into labor. Two little feet were already showing, but after two hours, there was no progress. Humans had to intervene.

Jessa, still in her silvery-white wedding gown, didn’t even think twice about helping.

wedding-cow-birth.JPG (780×439)
Photo Credit: Jessa Laws

Jessa told As It Happens host Carol Off, “When there’s a cow that needs help calving, you drop everything to go and help. I didn’t even think about my guests. Didn’t think about my dress, that’s for sure. I headed straight down to the dairy.”

Ben was still making tea for the wedding guests when he found out what was happening.

He recalled, “My first question was, ‘Jessa is down there in the mud, isn’t she? And all I got was a, ‘Yup.'”

It was a difficult birth, but thanks to Jessa’s help, a healthy female calf named Destiny was delivered.

bride-and-calf.JPG (1180×1080)
Photo Credit: Jessa Laws

She then administered pain reliever to the new mom and helped the new family settle before returning to the wedding party in a muddy gown.

“Everyone just kind of looked at me, sort of looking at the dress and sort of going, ‘What’s happened?’ she recounted. 

“The city people were absolutely amazed. My farming friends were just like, ‘Yep, that’s what we expected of Jessa,'” she shared.

Jessa said that her wedding gown is now “absolutely trashed from the knee down… but, you know, it is only a dress.”

She added that she had already gotten the most out of it.

Photo Credit: Jessa Laws

“I wore the dress until about 4:30 that morning,” she shared.

Congratulations, Jessa and Ben! Now that’s a memorable wedding.

Source: CBC

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