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Cat Caught Digging Up Holes on the Yard to Frame Other Dogs in the House



  • Louis Carter owns a cat that acts like a dog more than a cat.
  • Louis and his housemate found holes all over their yard and blamed their dogs for it, but it was the cat who digs up these holes.
  • There is apparently no stopping Nacho the cat from digging the holes, but his owner loves him nonetheless.

Nacho has always been more like a dog than a cat. Louis Carter got him as a kitten, unusual and dog-like, but there is nothing about the cat he would like to change.

“His personality is amazing, I wouldn’t change a thing,” Louis told the Dodo. “He follows me around the house, licks me and grooms me and only likes to sleep on my neck. He’s such an affectionate cat.” 

The Dodo | Louis Carter

The cat does not like the other dogs that live with him very much, but it seems that most of the time, Nacho sort of thinks that he is more of a dog than a cat.

“He gets along with the dogs but if they get too close to him and corner him it’s game on,” Louis said. 

Louis and his housemate blamed the dogs for the holes that keep on popping up all over their yard. The two had to fill up the holes on the ground only to see more dug up the next day.

They try to come up with a way to get the dogs to stop with their digging, but these holes were not dug up by their dogs, it had been a setup.

The cat had been digging up the holes in their yard this entire time…

The Dodo | Louis Carter

… their dogs had nothing to do with it.

“Now every time he goes outside I watch him and catch him in the act,” Louis said. “It explains why when he comes back inside he is so dirty.” 

There is no stopping Nacho from digging the holes, says Louis. There is, however, relief that came with the knowledge of who the culprit is. The holes in their yard are not pleasing to the eyes per se, but the cat that digs like a dog makes up for the frustration with the cuteness.

The Dodo | Louis Carter

“He will dig like that and then run around the yard and do zoomies,” Louis said. 

Source: The Dodo