Cat Heartbroken When Owner Is Too Busy To Snuggle [Video]

  • A TikTok video of a sad cat being convinced by his mom to stop being sad is breaking hearts over social media.
  • The cat named Wally was warned by his mom that she was going to be busy but it did not stop Wally from feeling dejected.
  • Mom tells Wally that they are going to snuggle and watch their shows the next day.

In a TikTok video by @walter.the.catt, the owner’s caption reads: He was pre-warned that today is the release date for the WoW expansion and that I’d be busy 😅 but it did not stop the cat from being heartbroken. And the scene is breaking hearts all over social media.

@walter.the.catt He was pre-warned that today is the release date for the WoW expansion and that I’d be busy 😅 #catsoftiktok #foryoupage ♬ original sound – ✨Walter the Catt✨

Walter, or Wally, was not too happy with his human companion while his mom was telling him not to be sad as they can snuggle and watch their shows tomorrow.

The clip has already been seen over 650,000 times online and comments are pouring in sympathizing with Wally.

Photo Credit: @walter.the.catt (TikTok)

Hayleyalexis92 said, “Poor baby,” with niliecat adding: “He says you’re not allowed to be busy.” Adisastroussky nearly cried over “the despair in his eyes,” leaving Natalie Vandervegt to say, “snuggle him right away” to Wally’s owner.

Cardigancaragain98 was so moved she said, “I volunteer to snuggle and watch shows with Walter! I volunteer as tribute!” as mikewillhoft262 quipped: “There is nothing more important than hanging out with Walter.”

@walter.the.catt Wishful thinking 😅 #catsoftiktok #foryoupage ♬ original sound – ✨Walter the Catt✨

Wally’s obvious sadness is proof that cats appearing to be standoffish is a misconception. A 2019 study in Current Biology showed that 64% of 108 cats proved that they do form attachments with their owners.

Cats trust their caregiver to look after them and feel comfortable and secure when their owners are nearby.

So go ahead, mom. Give Wally all the attention he seeks.  Cheer up, Wally!

Source: Newsweek

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