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Charles Barkley Funds Affordable Housing Project by Auctioning His Medals and Awards



  • Charles Barkley plans to sell his Olympic gold medals and NBA MVP trophy.
  • Barkley is in partnership with Panini sports card company to auction all but one of his memorabilia.
  • The retired NBA star continues philanthropist works, from donating to historic black colleges to funding affordable housing projects.

Charles Barkley recently admitted he has little interest over the trophies and medals he has won over the course of his career.

Photo by NBA

The basketball player announced his intention of having his Olympic gold medals and NBA MVP trophy auctioned in Dan Le Betard Show earlier this month. The proceeds are to fund the building of 20 affordable houses in his hometown of Leeds, Alabama.

“I don’t think I have to walk around with my gold medal or my MVP trophy for people to know I’m Charles Barkley, so I’m going to sell all that crap,” Barkley said on the radio. “It just clutters my house.”

Photo by Slam

Barkley, in partnership with the Panini sports card company, gives all but one of his valuable memorabilia to be sold at an auction. He lets his daughter keep one of his gold medals.

Philanthropist Barkley ended up in national headlines for his work before. The retired NBA star donated several million dollars to a number of historic black colleges in the last few years alone. Today, Barkley gives back to his hometown.

“I want to do something really nice for Leeds. And if I could build 10 to 20 affordable houses—I want to do green housing too—(and) if I could sell all that stuff, it would just be a really cool thing for me,” he told WJOX 94.5.

Source: Good News Network