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Chicken Was Bored With Quarantine Decided To Hop Into A Delivery Car And Go On An Epic Adventure! [Video]



  • Reba was maybe bored for being stuck up at home during the quarantine.
  • So he hopped into a delivery car and went on a journey by herself.
  • A few days later she was found by two sisters who brought her back home.

For the past few months, people have been prohibited from traveling amidst the pandemic to lessen the spread of the COVID-19. Although Justin Matthews and his family were compliant of the quarantine, not all of them were so willing to stay-at-home for long.

Little did they know, one of their chickens, Reba, has been bored and was up for an adventure!

Last week, the Matthews decided to let their three backyard chickens out for a few hours to scour on their yard. Later on, a delivery driver dropped off some groceries at their house. What happened next was something they never expected.

Reba was gone.

They looked for her everywhere and they couldn’t just find her. In the end, they decided to check the security footage.

Photo Credit: Justin Matthews

They found out, Reba hopped into the car and went away with the delivery driver for a little adventure.

“On the driver’s last trip [between his trunk and the house], I watch in amazement as Reba flapped her wings, jumped up onto the bumper and then slowly waddled in,” Justin told The Dodo. “He’s looking at his phone, none the wiser that she’s in his trunk when he shuts it.”

Photo Credit: Justin Matthews

Justin quickly contacted the delivery driver and learned that Reba got out and away on the driver’s next stop.

That was, apparently, the start of Reba’s great adventure.

So he rushed to the parking lot where Reba got out and he discovered that two Good Samaritans stepped in to take care of the stow away chicken. 


“Two sisters, who were there to shop, scooped Reba up and took her home to save her life,” Justin said. 

Photo Credit: Justin Matthews

The rescuers have already posted on Facebook about Reba’s situation and that she’s “away from danger.” Reba was taken home by one of the sisters living 170 miles from where she was found so she could be her pet. Now, Reba’s adventure was getting more interesting.

But then people from the internet have started connecting the dots of Justin’s “lost chicken” posts and that of the sisters’.

Justin got in touch with Reba’s rescuers and he was glad they are good people. 

Photo Credit: Justin Matthews

The sisters then drove Reba home back to her family and that ended her epic journey. Although she did not tag anyone along with her, she brought back a souvenir they’ll cherish forever — new friendships.

“Of our entire family, Reba has definitely been the furthest and had the most adventure since quarantine,” Justin said. “Now that I think about it, I’m a little jealous. But she’s brought us a lot of excitement from her journey.”

Source: The Dodo