Chunky Cat Photo Leads to Engagement between Long-Distance Pair

  • When Adam Lawrence posted a picture of himself holding a friend’s chonky cat, he didn’t know it would lead to a wonderful relationship with a woman who lived 4,000 miles away.
  • After Adam and Anna Hosey struck a conversation over the photo, their relationship developed until they started visiting each other.
  • The two are now engaged and are planning to get married next year!

Meet Adam Lawrence and Anna Hosey. Adam, 29, is a British graphic designer while Anna, 26, is an American hairstylist. They live 4,000 miles away from each other, but their love for cats — chonky cats — brought them together.

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Back in October 2019, Adam shared a picture of himself carrying a friend’s cat in the Facebook group called “This Cat Is Chonky.”

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Anna, who has a cat named Kidden, “liked” the photo and even called Adam “cute” in the comments.

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So Adam struck up a conversation with Anna. After two months of messaging and calling each other, Adam decided to go the distance — literally — and flew to America to meet Anna.

They continued their long-distance relationship since then.

When the pandemic hindered Adam’s planned visit to the US, Anna took the trip this time. She flew to London when the border reopened in July 2020 and lived with Adam since then while on lockdown.

And when Anna’s return home was nearing, Adam wanted their relationship to carry on without the distance barrier. So he proposed and Anna said yes!

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Adam shared that he wasn’t really the dating type and didn’t have a lot of past relationships. So when his family and friends met Anna and loved her, they encouraged him to make the relationship work.

He added that his original plan was to propose on the London Bridge, but Anna had told him she wouldn’t want a proposal in a busy location. So after having a relaxing day out, he simply proposed in his room and the two were finally engaged.

Since the pair had previously talked about marriage, Anna “wasn’t completely surprised,” but she was definitely excited about their future. “It felt more like affirming what we wanted” and making it official, she said.

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Anna shared that they instantly clicked during their very first phone call, which lasted five hours.

She added, “From that conversation on, I remember going to my friends and saying I don’t know why, I don’t know this guy but I feel like I’m going to marry him!”

And she will! The newly-engaged pair plan to get married in London next year. Anna also decided to move permanently to the UK.

Who knew that a love for chonky cats can lead to lasting love between people?

Source: Good News Network

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