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College Hockey Teammates Went Skating Across Multiple States To Raise Money And Awareness For Cancer



  • Two college hockey teammates went on a journey rollerblading across multiple states from Boston to Lansing, Michigan for their noble cause.
  • This journey is to raise money and awareness intended to benefit the American Cancer Society.
  • After 10 days on roller skates, they have reached their final destination and their GoFundMe page has since raised more than $24,000.

Two college hockey players decided to travel across multiple states on rollerblades for a noble cause. 

For 10 days of skating, Jacob Adkins and Andrew Walker of the same hockey team at the University of Massachusetts Boston, have traveled almost 900 miles from Boston to Lansing, Michigan. This they do in order to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

The pair started their journey on  July 13 while keeping their supporters on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, updated about them — as the “Men in Blades.” On July 23, they had reached their target destination.

“All the work that went into it, all the stress, all of the support we had, and especially seeing everyone at the finish line. You just couldn’t help but let tears run down your face and just lay down and let your legs rest for a change,” Andrew told Boston local network, WHDH.

Jacob added that it was a humbling experience. “This experience has humbled both of us and has made us just that much more grateful for the people around us and that much more loving.”

Photo Credit: (Instagram)

Aside from being teammates, Jacob and Andrew are also roommates at the University. They set up a GoFundMe page that has since raised more than $24,000.

“Cancer has affected most of us in one way or another. We have both personally seen the struggles close up and couldn’t imagine having to fight this horrible disease in the wake of a pandemic,” they wrote on their donation page. “Being collegiate hockey players, we wanted to find a way to help those in need by doing what we know best – skating!!

“With most ice rinks closed down, we are hitting the pavement and rollerblading from Boston to Michigan this summer to raise money and awareness for all of those who can’t get out there and fight for themselves. We are raising money for cancer patients/survivors/families/caregivers who are struggling to get the help they need during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Both of them have been personally affected by cancer. Jacob’s mother survived Lymphoma two times and Andrew’s grandfather died of cancer. 


Although their multi-state roller skate journey officially ended on Thursday last week, the pair plans to continue with their GoFundMe page until the later part of August as they are approaching $25,000 donations. 

“Thank you all for the amazing support‼️ #TogetherWeCan” they said in a post on Instagram! Way to go boys!

Source: PEOPLE.Com