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Community Rallied Behind Boys Robbed While Selling Lemonades



  • Jude and Tristan, both 13-year-olds, operate a lemonade stand in Peoria, Illinois.
  • On August 7, two men robbed them at gunpoint and got away with their earnings which were around $30.
  • It was traumatizing for the boys but the support and love they received from the police officers and their community were overwhelming and they are very grateful!

A pair of teenagers from Peoria, Illinois, are getting so much love and support from the whole community after they experienced an unfortunate event while selling lemonades.

Jude and Tristan, both 13-year-olds, operate a lemonade stand and on August 7, they got robbed by two men whom one was holding a gun, according to Officer Amy Dotson in an interview with CNN. 

Their earning, which was around  $30, was snatched away by the two men. The incident is still under investigations and the culprits have not been arrested yet.

Photo Credit: Peoria Police Department

Jude’s father, Nathan Peterson, told CNN, the kids “were shocked” and took a little while to comprehend the robbery incident.

“I got a call from police saying, ”Hey, your kids are OK, but they just got robbed.’ I almost blacked out, I was just so scared I was trying to get there as fast as possible,” he recalled.

So he rushed into the scene and saw the police officers were gathered around the boy’s stand  buying lemonades for about  $20 each.

“I was relieved,” Nathan said. “They created a very protective environment for the boys. This situation could have ended so badly, but somehow they helped turn what could have been a horrible experience into something beautiful.”

The news about the robbery spread quickly throughout their community and soon enough, friends, neighbors and even strangers, started donating money for the boys. Collectively, they have raised over $3,500 through donations in Paypal and Facebook fundraisers.

Photo Credit: Peoria Police Department

“The officers and police chief got out of their cars and talked to the boys and told them how much they supported them. They gave them a donation and took turns buying lemonade. It just made them feel so safe and encouraged,” Nathan said.

In a viral video uploaded by the Peoria Police Department on Facebook, police cars can be seen lining up while officers buy cups of lemonade. 

Tristan said that even though what happened was “surreal,” the love and support of the officers and their community was overwhelming. 


“Everyone’s generosity and support makes me determined to also give generosity and support to others,” he said.

Source: PEOPLE