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Dinner Time Reveals Cocker Spaniels’ Contrasting Personalities



Quick Smiles:

  • Cocker spaniel siblings Odin and Bonnie portray amusingly contrasting personalities in a popular TikTok video.
  • Amy Wilson, their owner, captures Bonnie’s boundless excitement for supper and Odin’s patient demeanor in a successful online video, delighting thousands.
  • Considering Odin’s serene nature, Wilson is pondering registering him as a therapy dog.

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The case of dogs having diverse manners, even among siblings, is humorously illustrated by Amy Wilson through her TikTok video featuring her two cocker spaniels and their individual reactions to mealtime.

Odin, an 18-month-old dog, and his sibling Bonnie, 13-months old, have drawn the attention of internet users everywhere due to their endearing rush of charm and their remarkably different personalities. According to Amy Wilson who lives in the U.K, “Odin is a gentle, well-trained dog who loves affection.” Conversely, Bonnie exhibits a more lively disposition.

Wilson recounts, “We got Bonnie a few months back, and on her initial walk, the lead snapped. She was lost for three days, and once found and brought home, her previously timid nature gave way to uninhibited high spirits!”

While Bonnie’s lively nature might be entertaining, her loss did induce some tension for Wilson. “The days she went missing were a total nightmare,” she confessed.


In the video, Bonnie’s unrestrained excitement for food is presented, barking and bouncing in anticipation. Meanwhile, Odin remains calm beside her, his look portraying the classic “judgmental older brother.”

Wilson humorously explains the situation in her video using overlaid text: “When you’ve learned to be a well-mannered pup and wait politely for dinner, but mom’s trying to instill good behavior into an uncontrollable one.”

In Wilson’s summary, it’s a battle between “the diligent one and the wild one,” pointing out how Odin waits patiently for his food while Bonnie cannot contain her excitement and barks until fed. “Two vastly different yet lovable cocker spaniels,” she adds.

The TikTok video has amused over 74,000 viewers, resonating with pet owners around the globe. Comment sections filled with shared amusement and empathetic sentiments. One viewer noted, “It looks like [Bonnie] is trying her best to stay calm but doesn’t quite know how,” while another admitted, “My dogs have the same dynamic. We question our decision to get a puppy as a third dog daily because she’s entirely wild.”

The funny video also spurred observational humor from one viewer, “You can see the fatigue in their eyes.”

Despite Bonnie’s high-energy antics, the American Kennel Club describes cocker spaniels as both energetic and playful, perfect for families with young children.


However, Odin is not an exception. The breed is noted to be “gentle” and relatively easy to train. No wonder Odin’s distinct calm nature has Wilson considering registering him as a therapy dog. “Actually, I’m looking into registering Odin as a pet therapy dog because he’s so sweet-natured,” she expressed.

Rounding out Wilson’s family are her 7-year-old daughter Izzy, her partner Jack, and their 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Barney. Although Barney is hardly seen in the viral video, Wilson clarifies, “he prefers to keep his distance from his cocker spaniel siblings’ antics, choosing to maintain his dignity instead.”


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