Caught on Camera: Dog Crashes Golf Cart into Truck [Video]

Dog Crashes Golf Cart into Truck

  • A family was surprised to come home to see that their golf cart had crashed into their pickup truck.
  • When they checked their security footage, they were surprised that it was their dog!
  • The dog had climbed into the cart and accidentally sat on the gas pedal.

A family from Manitoba, Canada was surprised to come home to see their golf cart crashed into their pickup truck.

Mallory Kmet and her family has been using the golf cart to carry firewood home. When they saw the scene, they immediately thought that some stranger was trying to steal their cart but failed.

But when they checked their security footage, they got a good laugh. The culprit was their dog, 10-year-old Titan.

Photo Credit: Mallory Kmet

Titan had to spend the day on the porch because he had an unfortunate run-in with a skunk.

But it had started to rain so he looked for a covered place to chill in. As he headed to the padded seat of the golf cart, he tried to move around to find a comfortable position.

It turns out that it wasn’t properly shut off. So when Titan sat on the gas pedal, the cart took off.

Photo Credit: Mallory Kmet

“The golf cart was pushed into the truck pretty good, so he hit it pretty good,” Mallory explained.

In the security footage, Titan can be seen walking toward the cart and climbing into it. The cart then makes a big U-turn and crashes into the truck.

Titan walks off unharmed as if nothing happened. He even tries to get back on the cart!

Mallory shared, “He still wants to go for golf cart rides, so you’ll still catch him sitting in the golf cart cause that’s one of his favorite things to do.”

Titan still loves going on his cart adventures. But thanks to the footage that caught him red-pawed, his family will be more careful about turning the cart off from now on.

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