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Dog defeated by a fish in a fetch game [Video]



  • C.C. loves playing fetch.
  • One day, while playing by the lake, C.C. was surprised that a fish suddenly appeared and catch the ball using its mouth.
  • Fortunately, the toy was taken back and saved the fish from choking.

Who would have thought that a fish would suddenly appear, include itself in a fetch game near the lake, and beat a dog who was supposed to catch the ball?

A dog named C.C. could be the least one to expect it. But it happened to him.

One day, C.C. was out enjoying a day on the lake with her family, and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without playing fetch.

C.C. was ready to catch the ball, until someone else moved faster than him and captured it. It was a fish, holding the ball with its mouth!

“It was definitely a shock to see,” Madeline Hyde, C.C.’s owner, told The Dodo. “It took everyone a second to really process that the fish had caught the ball. It was a funny sight for sure!”

The pup was in disbelief as everyone else. She might have been confused with what just happened.

Fortunately, Madeline’s dad was able to save the toy, before it could get totally broken and choke the fish.

“The fish lived, thankfully!” Madeline said. “It took us a minute to get the ball out, and it was probably a bit stunned at first, but it swam away pretty quickly.”

That day must have been memorable for C.C. who loves playing fetch, just like Leyla and Bear who are also into ball catching.


For Leyla and Bear, the best times are enjoying together. And their recent fetch inside their home is one of the best they’ve had so far.

Photo Credit: Kristine Lequerique / The Dodo

“We started by throwing the ball upstairs [from the living room], so they would have to run up and down the stairs,” Kristine Lequerique, the dogs’ owner, told The Dodo.

One day, Leyla thought of improvising the game. She stayed upstairs after the ball was thrown rather than running back down to return it. Then, she passed it to Bear who was waiting in the living room downstairs. And that just made the game more fun!

Their mom was surprised as how the dogs created a new way to enjoy fetch.

“This happens all day, every day. They can go for hours or until we stop. Then they just continue to throw the ball at you until we start again,” Kristine said. “They’re so smart.”

For C.C., Leyla and Bear, playing fetch could be something they can do all day long!

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