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Dog gets surprise treats from random FedEx driver



  • Gina Malcouronne, an animal hospital worker, would usually de-stress over a quiet lunch and a cup of coffee in a parking lot with her dog Georgie.
  • One day, while peacefully enjoying their usual routine, Gina was surprised by a FedEx driver who parked alongside her car.
  • To her surprise, the deliveryman handed over some treats for Georgie, making the pup cheery and always excited to see a FedEx driver since then.

When Gina Malcouronne thought it would just be a usual day for her and her dog, a sweet surprise showed up.

Gina, an animal hospital worker, and her dog Georgie were in the car in a Starbucks parking lot, peacefully destressing like how they usually do.

Photo Credit: Gina Malcouronne/The Dodo

With the amount of stress from the job, Gina would prefer to recharge all by herself, and Georgie, of course, whom she brings into work every day. The two typically eat lunch in the car, followed by a cup of coffee for the fur mom, which she’d always prefer to quietly savor.

“When I’m not at work, and especially on my breaks, I tend to try not to talk to people,” Gina told The Dodo. “We always sit in the Starbucks parking lot because I like to get coffee after I’ve finished my lunch. I tend to park off to the side to hide from people.”

That serene moment was put on a pause for a while, when a FedEx truck pulled up beside Gina’s car. Gina then rolled up her windows a bit and avoided to gaze at the driver, but the deliveryman still went towards her car.

“When he got out of the truck, he greeted me with a pleasant ‘Hello!’” Gina said. “I wasn’t sure exactly what his intentions were, but I definitely didn’t expect the kind gesture that was coming!”

Photo Credit: Gina Malcouronne/The Dodo

The FedEx driver gave Gina two packs of dog treats branded as FedEx, telling Gina that the treats are for Georgia.

“It was very cutely packaged and it had all the ingredients on the back, which I thought was great because Georgie doesn’t have allergies himself, but you never know,” Gina said.

Photo Credit: Gina Malcouronne/The Dodo

The driver might have sensed that Georgia, who was rescued from starvation and adopted in March, loves treats of all kinds.

The delivery guy left with a nod and a smile on his face, and so was Georgia, grinning from ear to ear as he devoured the treat.

Photo Credit: Gina Malcouronne/The Dodo

Since then, the pup has become eagerly excited every time he spots a FedEx driver. And we exactly know why.

Source: The Dodo