Dog gives mom the death stare when she smelled like another dog [Video]

dog gives death stare to owner who smelled like another dog

  • Chester the golden retriever has a very expressive face like a human’s.
  • One day, he gave his mom the death stare after she returned home only to smell like another dog!
  • His dramatic look of disapproval, captured on video, has viewers demanding an apology from his mom.

Some dogs can easily tell when their owners have spent time with another dog. Chester, a four-year-old golden retriever, was disappointed after she returned home smelling like another dog. And he made sure to let his mom know exactly how he felt — by giving her the death stare.

The moment was captured on video and shared on TikTok. The text overlay read, “When mom comes home smelling like another doggo.” His mom wrote in the caption, “That subtle moment he looks into your soul.”

In the clip, Chester can be seen leaning against the wall and a glass panel. He refuses to move as he puts on his angry face and huffs through his nose. As the lyrics play “you’re still a traitor”, Chester looks up and gives his mom the death stare.

Photo Credit: TikTok/chasin_chester

“He made me laugh and made my heart explode at the same time,” his mom said.

The hilarious clip earned millions of views, with many comments urging Chester’s mom to apologize.

“Oh no, you broke his heart! Hurry and give him treats to make him feel better,” one comment suggested. Another wrote, “Go give him kisses and apologize to that sad, cute face.”

Chester’s mom said, “He has resting old man face, but this one was extra frowny. He looks like the sad emoji and I love how expressive he is. He has so much personality, like a human at times.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/chasin_chester

“It’s always fun to see one of his videos taking off and I love watching people react,” she added.

She also clarified that the jealousy was only a joke — Chester just has a very expressive face.

She shared that sometimes Chester watches her with a disapproving frown when she works late at night, and would even huff sometimes.

“In reality, he’s curious about the scent,” she explained. “If I come home smelling like another dog, he’s still super excited to greet me, but I may get a few extra sniffs!”

You can see more of the adorable Chester on TikTok and Instagram.

Source: Daily Star

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