Dog Has Priceless Reaction After Catching His Mom Getting A Snack Without Him [Video]

  • Ashley (@ashlandavenue) got a scathing look from her dog, Papa, when she was caught getting some snacks without him.
  • Turns out that Papa not only judges his mom on food but also minds his mom’s business.
  • Papa is not scared to show his true feelings and his mom better hear and know about it.

Dogs can be the most loyal and loving companion that you could ever have but they could also be the most judgmental, especially when it comes to food that you do not share with them.  Top on the list are snacks.

When Ashley (@ashlandavenue) reached out for cookies and she did not share it with her mini-Poodle, Papa, that is when she got some serious attitude. In the text overlay on the video, it read: “When my dog catches me eating a snack without him.” Accompanied by the audio of: “Well, just as I thought…trash.”

@ashlandavenue Not too much on me. #minipoodle #redminipoodle #dogsoftiktok #poodlesoftiktok #fluffydog #cutedog #justasithoughttrash ♬ original sound – Joe Mcwhite

Papa’s face was epic!  If looks could slay…

Papa has always been his mom’s shadow.  He is constantly curious about what his mom is doing, where she’s going and even sneaks in on mom’s bathroom time. So, when he was not offered a cookie, Papa clearly was not happy.

Get a hold of the comments: “SO YOU REALLY NOT GONE OFFER ME NONE HUH?!” @seantraevibes wrote. Still a certain @l.u.x.e commented: “His lil facial expressions and body language get me every time,” While @kblanchette confessed: “I felt that so hard I giggled out loud.” @theinvinciblejasmine quipped: “They be listening for crinkling noises and the microwave running.”

@ashlandavenue so I’m a liar now? 🙄 #minipoodle #redminipoodle #dogsoftiktok #poodlesoftiktok #dogmom #cutedog #fluffydog #neneleaks #realhousewivesofatlanta ♬ original sound – Itsme_Moemoe

Papa really got the attention of those who watched the video.  It turns out that this is not the first that Papa showed his feelings.  Following the video is one footage where he complained about not being able to go to the park.

Papa certainly knows how to express himself, huh? With his priceless reactions, he’s one expressive pup.

Source: Pet Helpful

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