Dog leaves trail on path he runs so often [Video]

  • Scooby was adopted by his family 15 years ago.
  • His family lives near his dad’s parents. 
  • Scooby goes back and forth between the two houses every day.

Scooby was adopted by his family when he was only a few months old, about 15 years ago.

He was wandering out of their garage one day when they returned from grocery shopping, and after scanning him for a microchip and seeing none, they decided to adopt him as a member of their family. Scooby has been enamored with everyone in his family ever since and makes that clear to them every day.


Brian Peter, Scooby’s dad, told The Dodo:

β€œHe is loyal. We spend a lot of time outside, and he is always by our side shadowing us no matter what we are doing.”

Peter and his family reside on land that was once owned by his great-grandparents. He lives in one house with his wife and children and Scooby, while his parents reside in another. To spend time with everyone, Scooby travels back and forth between the two houses practically every day.

He always travels the same path β€” and has traveled it so many times that he’s etched a permanent path in the grass.

Peter said he first noticed the path after cutting the grass one summer day in 2020. He explained:

“Since then, it slowly started to become a small trench. I thought it was funny. I knew he was a creature of habit.”

The path represents how much Scooby enjoys spending time with all of his family members, and they enjoy seeing it every day and watching Scooby go back and forth along with it.

According to Peter, his parents are retired and spend about 85 percent of their time on their back porch.


β€œ[Scooby] has his own recliner on their back porch. So, he is there pretty much all day while my wife and I are at work and the kids are at school. He will come back to our house when we get home … He doesn’t have a set schedule of any kind that I’ve noticed. I would say he goes back and forth on his path several times a day. He likes to patrol around the property,” Peter shared.

Scooby will occasionally stray off his path, but for the most part, he follows it. He’s never had a reason not to follow it because he knows exactly where it’ll lead him: back into the arms of his loving family.

Source: The Dodo

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We had adopted a brindle long haired mixed breed about 14 yrs ago. He did the same thing but he had several paths around our back yard. He went toe rainbow bridge last year and some our other dogs still use the paths. He was a loyal and gentle dog as anyone could have ever wished for. Just like your puppy.