Dog Keeps Photobombing her Family’s Christmas Card Photos

Dog Keeps Photobombing her Family's Christmas Card Photos

  • Penny may have been a shy and timid puppy, but she quickly became a star puppy when she found her forever family.
  • When she couldn’t sit still during a family photoshoot for their Christmas card, her mom had to move on from her photoshoot.
  • But Penny decided there can’t be a photo without her, so she photobombed every single photo!

Penny and her 11 siblings were abandoned in a box beside a dumpster before they were rescued by the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts.

She was then adopted by Deanna Greenstein and her family two years ago. Deanna recalled that the shelter described Penny as a shy, timid dog.

“They weren’t sure if she would do well in a house with so much commotion,” she told The Dodo. “But I just felt that connection with her, and knew that she was meant to be our pup. Her shyness disappeared the second she was out of the shelter, and you can see by our pictures what a showboat she became!” 

Photo Credit: Deanna Greenstein

Penny is now living her best life among so many human siblings. She has become a mischievous, goofy, and excitable dog who loves being included in everything.

But she simply couldn’t sit still when her family was doing a photo shoot for their family Christmas card.

So Deanna tried to take photos of just the kids, which didn’t sit well with show star Penny.

Photo Credit: Deanna Greenstein

She had to be in every photo!

Deanna shared, “She was insulted that I moved on from her photo shoot, so she decided to leap in front of the camera (and on every kid), barking, ‘booping’ me with her nose, licking the phone, and causing a general ruckus.”

Photo Credit: Deanna Greenstein

Deanna tried to take decent pictures for about 20 minutes but ended up with about 100 pictures filled with Penny’s goofy poses.

Photo Credit: Deanna Greenstein

So the family decided to make the most of it.

Deanna said, “They helped me choose which pictures to use on our card, and we all decided together to send the card from Penny, with us as her entourage.”  

Photo Credit: Deanna Greenstein

She added, “We didn’t tell my husband about the card, just told him to go pick it up at Walgreens after. He said that he sat in the parking lot laughing hysterically when he opened the box.” 

Photo Credit: Deanna Greenstein

And so their goofy card did spread some holiday cheer as they hoped. Everyone who received their card certainly loved it!

Penny must have been so pleased that she was the star yet again, and that she brought cheers to everyone.

You can check out more of Penny’s antics on Instagram


Source: The Dodo

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I laughed so hard at penny I had tears in my eye’s they are lucky to have her she is a smart and very loving dog Thank you for your site it brings me happiness all the time Please take care and Go Bless you all David and my crazy stray cat Panther found her as a starving kitten She now eats my food if she likes it and sticks her nose up to her cat food if it isn’t what she wants. Thankfully there are 4 other stray cats that are glad she is so picky LOL>

I love your Penny!!

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