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Dog Refuses To Eat Unless Food Comes From The Fridge [Video]



  • Zach Shepard’s adorable pup Nitro is not fond of dog food.
  • He refuses to eat unless Zach gives him food from the refrigerator.
  • Nitro thinks foods from the fridge are tastier and more special, and Zach knows all the tricks.

Cute little dog Nitro is tired of eating dog foods. What he likes is food made with love, not just food you get from a box.

Nitro’s dad, Zach Shepard is aware of the pup’s preference. So, he found a simple way to add a dash or two of that special ingredient to his pup’s meals.

Nitro is not fond of a bowl thoughtlessly filled with dog food. What the little dog wants is something special… something like, food his human dad eats. And he knows that special food always comes from the refrigerator.

“Nitro hasn’t always been a picky eater, he just has his moments,” Zach told The Dodo. “He knows the really good food comes from the refrigerator.”

But, as Zach recently discovered, what makes food good in Nitro’s eyes isn’t actually the food itself. Instead, it’s more about perspective — something that’s surprisingly simple to improve for the pup.

Photo Credit: Zach Shepard

Now, when Nitro gives his dad a “this again?” look, Zach adds a sweet step to the feeding routine to make his dog’s meal seem a little more special.

Zach picks up the boring bowl of food, outs it briefly inside the refrigerator, and it magically comes out so much more delicious!

“I was genuinely surprised that it worked,” Zach said.

Photo Credit: Zach Shepard

Given that “people food,” associated with the fridge no doubt, isn’t always good for dogs, Shepard’s solution is a much better fit.

Nitro seems to have no idea why his food tastes so much better after passing through the fridge, but the answer is clear. Love, in this case, is the secret ingredient.

Oh Nitro, you are so cute!


Source: The Dodo