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Dog walker’s adorable models are newest internet sensation



  • Steven Watson and his six-dog crew love to walk and do photoshoots.
  • Their photos have since taken the internet by storm.
  • After Steven and the dogs made it to the popular Instagram account We Rate Dogs, their fame just skyrocketed!

A Boston dog walker and his six dog models — Bear, Dutch, Fergus, Murry, Flip, and Magnus are now taking the internet by storm, thanks to their adorable photoshoots!

Steven Watson loves to take photos of his six-crew dog models while walking through the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. His Instagram account, @thepieddogwalker, has a sizable following already, but one Twitter user multiplied their fame when they caught a glimpse of Steven and his dogs during one of their shoots.

Taylor, with Twitter user @TaylorLarick, posted photos of Steven’s models, which now garnered nearly 600,000 likes.

“OMG went for a walk and saw this man taking a picture of all his dogs and I almost cried,” the tweet read.

The photos showed the models in their cutest poses, as well as the behind-the-scenes image showing Steven taking the priceless shots.

Some might wonder how Steven managed to keep the dogs in their best model behavior, as shown in the photos. Well, according to Steven, he makes sure the dogs are tired from all the leisurely walking before snapping the shots!

“Tired dogs make good dog models, so they’ll sit still,” Steven said. “They like to take a break on the way home and we get pictures then.”

“Faces that could stop traffic, on the Longfellow Bridge”, he captioned the famous photo.

The photos eventually caught the attention of popular Gram user @WeRateDogs — sending Bear, Dutch, Fergus, Murry, Flip, and Magnus to Instagram fame in no time.

To Steven, this is the pinnacle of his dogs’ fame.


“We finally arrived when we made it with ‘We Rate Dogs,’ and they got a 14/10 rating so we’re proud,” Steven happily said. 

Source: Daily Paws