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Dog’s Photo Session Turns into a Birthing Session!



  • A very pregnant Poppy was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina.
  • Foster mom, Carter Cifelli, had a hunch that Poppy was giving birth soon but not while she was taking photos of her.
  • Poppy calmly gave birth to seven healthy puppies. Sometime in August, mother and children will be up for adoption.

Although Carter Cifelli knew that Poppy was going to give birth anytime soon, she was just not expecting it to happen while she was taking photos of the dog!

Photo Credit: Carter Cifelli

Poppy arrived very pregnant in Cifelli’s home after being rescued from a shelter by Saving Grace NC in North Carolina. Cifelli said, “She mostly just wanted to rest, and I focused on letting her adjust to her space and get some good nutrition into her.” She did her best to make Poppy comfortable until she gave birth.

Photo Credit: Carter Cifelli

Poppy spends her day relaxing in the sun outdoors on Cifelli’s deck.  And so, when Poppy made herself comfortable on a chair after having a huge breakfast, she just let her be. Cifelli said, “Typically when a dog is about to go into labor, they will not be interested in food and they’ll start nesting.” Poppy was not exhibiting such behavior and so she thought this was not the day.

With Poppy looking so peaceful, she decided to take a photo of Poppy. She said, “She’s hard to get a picture of because she likes to be right next to me. I thought it was strange that she wasn’t moving! When I was really close to her, she turned her head and was licking at something on the seat of the chair. That’s when I noticed there was a puppy there!”

Photo Credit: Carter Cifelli

Cifelli was so shocked but had the presence of mind to move the puppy inside while the mom followed her.  All in all, Poppy gave birth to six more puppies.

Cifelli said that Poppy was so calm. She added, “I am sure she has had puppies before and she definitely seems like a seasoned mom. She was very calm during labor and knew exactly what to do. There were no complications and all of her puppies were healthy!”

Photo Credit: Carter Cifelli

It has been 3 and a half weeks since that day of the photo session that turned into a birthing session and both the puppies and Poppy are all doing fine.  Cifelli wishes that Mom Poppy and all the puppies all go to loving and caring homes when they will be opened for adoption sometime in August.

Source: The Dodo