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Dog’s Thoughtful Gesture for Pregnant Owner Warms Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • A delightful video on TikTok showcases a dog showing a thoughtful gesture towards her heavily pregnant owner.
  • The adorable canine, owned by @santathewolfhound, pauses in front of every bench she comes across, possibly sensing her owner’s condition.
  • Experts believe dogs may have the ability to detect pregnancy due to their heightened senses of smell and focus on changes in human behavior.

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There’s a charming video circulating on TikTok that encapsulates a moment of joy. It features an insightful gesture from a dog towards her pregnant owner, leaving viewers around the world with a warmed heart.

Shared by the user @santathewolfhound, the video has already captured the attention of over 429,000 viewers since it was uploaded on the 23rd of May. The caption overlaying the video says, “POV you’re 9 months pregnant and your wolfhound stops at every single bench she sees.”

The clip showcases the dog sauntering along a trail, seemingly in a park. It moves ahead and stops by a bench, glancing at the camera before the scene ends.

Viewers may wonder, “Can dogs sense pregnancy?” While scientific researchers haven’t confirmed it precisely, there is evidence to suggest this might be possible.


A woman’s fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy could be a crucial factor. Dogs have a remarkably developed sense of smell that can potentially detect conditions such as cancer, seizures, or even stress.

Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, a leading veterinarian from New York City’s Animal Medical Center, offers some interesting statistics. She asserts that dogs have “60 times as many smell receptors as humans and 40 times as much brain power devoted to smell.” This attribute enables them to distinguish between 30,000 to 100,000 different scents, as discussed in a recent article by the American Kennel Club.

According to Los Angeles-based certified behaviorist and dog trainer Russ Hartstein, dogs show a “high level of sensitivity and intimacy in studying behavior and subtle movements.” This means they can pick up on the physical and behavioral changes in a pregnant woman, triggering their natural curiosity.

New York City’s Animal Acupuncture owner Dr. Rachel Barrack suggests that dogs possess the cognitive ability to comprehend changes “in an emotional way, such as your feelings and your mood,” during pregnancy.

Barrack explains that several expectant mothers have noticed increased affection and/or protectiveness from their dogs. She says this is likely due to the scent and hormones change, as well as potential shifts in your mood.

TikTok users were deeply touched by the dog’s compassionate gesture in the viral video.



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