Firefighters rescued a kitten that got stuck inside an ATM [Video]

  • A kitten was rescued by firefighters from an ATM in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
  • The less-than-a-pound kitten was handed over to Fort Smith Animal Haven.
  • The kitten has now been named Cash due to his โ€œfinancialโ€ background.

When firefighters in Fort Smith, Arkansas responded to a call, it was to rescue a kitten trapped inside an ATM at a Regions Bank location in town.

In their post on Facebook, the Fort Smith Fire Department captioned their rescue photos with:ย  F”P-1, R-1 cat stuck in an ATM. The rescue was successful, and the cat was handed over to Animal Control.”

The firefighters said the kitten weighed less than a pound and they brought him to Fort Smith Animal Haven. Cat and kennel tech Alexis Bloom said he does not know how exactly the kitten got inside the machine but it may have been looking for shade and managed to sneak in the machine.

Veterinarian tech Asley Deane said this was her first experience with a kitten getting trapped inside an ATM.  She added, “You know, I never thought that somebody would be able to go up and make a withdrawal and get a cat out instead of some cash, so now we have both.”

Photo Credit: Fort Smith Fire Department (Facebook)

Because of the catโ€™s unusual rescue circumstances, staff at the shelter have named him Cash.

And the cat is now adjusting to life at the shelter. Bloom said, “Once you pick him up, he’s just a big purr box, that’s all. He’s just a huge purr box; he’s the sweetest little baby.”

Photo Credit: Fort Smith Fire Department (Facebook)

After Cash recuperates and gains some weight, he will get the thumbs up for vaccination and be placed in a foster home.  Once he has been vaccinated and socialized, he will be available for adoption.

Wishing you the best, Cash.

Source: PEOPLE

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I had a cat that got stuck inside an air conditioner at an apartment. The maintenance man had to disassemble the unit to get him out. Since we were stuck there a few days anyway due to my mother’s funeral, we stuffed pillows up the air intake bottom to keep him from going back in again. Poor baby. It was pretty chaotic.