Firefighters Thought Call About Kangaroo on a Roof was a Prank

kangaroo on a roof

  • When the fire department received a call about a kangaroo on a roof, they immediately dismissed it as a prank call.
  • But when other calls said the same, they had to check it out and learn that it was real.
  • They were able to coax the kangaroo from the roof and lead it safely back to the wild.

This story might just be one that can only happen in Australia. A group of kids in Queensland had to call emergency services when they spotted an animal on a roof: a kangaroo.

The fire department could not believe the report was real and dismissed it as a prank call. But it wasn’t long before they received several other similar calls.

So they decided to check it out, and sure enough, they spotted the kangaroo hanging out on a roof for some inexplicable reason.

Photo Credit: Paula Boon

No one had any idea how the kangaroo got up there in the first place.

And while everyone on the ground was concerned for him, he really didn’t seem bothered at all.

One of the bystanders, Paula Boon, who also co-owns Paws Hoofs and Claws Inc., said, “We suspect he got a fright at some stage to end up on the roof. We do not know how long he had been up there. He didn’t seem too bothered. He just sat there watching everyone.”

Photo Credit: Paula Boon

The onlookers did not know how long the kangaroo has been up there, so they were worried that he may have become dehydrated or unable to get back down on his own.

So the firefighters stepped in to help.

“Two fire brigade guys got up on the roof and slowly encouraged the ‘roo off the back of the unit, which wasn’t as high,” Paula recounted. “He eventually cooperated and hopped off.”

Photo Credit: Paula Boon

Thankfully, the kangaroo made it back down to the ground safely and seemed fine. Paula and everyone else believe that he had gone back to the hills.

It was certainly a situation that even firefighters weren’t expecting to respond to. Perhaps next time they’ll believe it when someone reports another unusual sighting on the roof.

Source: The Dodo

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