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Fluffy Llama Gives Moral Support to Protesters



  • Fluffy llamas are not all too well-known for cuddling — except maybe for Caesar the  “no drama” llama!
  • Caesar is a registered therapy animal and he has attended many protests with his caretaker to provide emotional support.
  • In total, they have already attended 50 protests of different causes and 10 of those are Black Lives Matter protests in Portland.

While llamas are fluffy and their fur is thick, they are not as cuddly to humans as they may seem. But one llama has been famous for giving comfort and a sense of calm to people particularly during the Black Lives Matter protests in Portland — his name is Caesar the “no drama” llama!

Caesar is 6 years old, 350lb in weight, and retired Argentine grand champion show llama. He is now a registered therapy animal under the care of Larry McCool, who he’s always been with in the middle of protests giving people emotional support and his rich fur to pet.

“Everyone seemed really happy to have him there, even those who were confused by his presence,” Caitlin Reasor, one of the protesters, told The Sun. “He was definitely a good morale booster.”

Photo Credit: @Th_Brewer (Instagram)

Everytime they see Caesar, they would immediately smile in delight. Caesar definitely brings a positive vibe to the crowd. But not only that, the “no drama llama” also visits schools and clinics and brings joy to people, says his handler, Larry, who manages the Mystic Llama Farm in Jefferson, Oregon.

“They’ll be clapping, chanting, stomping, and all of a sudden I’ll get up with Caesar and the next thing I know, everyone will just band around Caesar,” Larry told The Washington Post.

Caesar has had all kinds of people give him hugs — protesters, policemen, big ones, and small, everybody — and he was always there for them.

Photo Credit: @caffeineandpix1 (Twitter)

In total, they have attended 50 protests of civil and environmental advocacies — 10 of those being the Black Lives Matter protests in Portland.

Larry admits, among all the other llamas, Caesar is especially dear to him ever since they met in 2015.

“He’s a magical creature,” he said. “I wish I could take some credit for him, but he’s developed all on his own. I’ve been his tutor and his guide, but sometimes I’m the one following him.”

Source: Tank’s Good News