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Four-year-old Down Syndrome Patient Braves through Anxiety and Finishes Walking down the Stairs [Video]



  • Four-year-old down-syndrome patient Veda proved that ‘everything is possible’ when she conquered her fears and finished walking down the stairs.
  • Kavita and Himanshu adopted Veda in 2017 even if their parents were against their decision.
  • They also enrolled Veda under occupational, speech, and physical therapy programs to help her recover and live a normal life.

Everything seemed so hard for four-year-old down-syndrome patient Veda — until last month.

The angel finally overcame the tough challenge of stepping down a flight of stairs for the first time. The moment was captured in a tear-jerking video that was posted in February.

TRUST yourself???????? . This mighty girl just putting a brave face and trying to do the step down with support which is the toughest thing for her right now. . She needs good QUAD muscles strength, KNEE CONTROL , WEIGHT BEARING at the same time to do that but I am happy that she even tried on her own. It means she believes in herself.. And that’s an achievement for us. #hypotonia Go veda???????? . P.S- It took her half an hour to do that???? and she was realllly scared. . . . #tinybutmighty #downsyndrome #meethedetermined #extrachromieveda #proudmama #downsyndromeawarenessPosted by Extrachromieveda on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

“This mighty girl put on a brave face today and tried her best to step down with some support, which is the toughest thing for her right now,” recounted her adoptive mom, Kavita, who also shared that Veda was really nervous as she tried to do it for half an hour.

Photo Credit: ExtraChromieVeda/Facebook

The young ‘warrior’ braved through her fears until she successfully made it to the last step on her own.

The proud mom praised Veda’s strong faith in herself — it was quite the accomplishment!

Photo Credit: ExtraChromieVeda/Facebook

Kavita and Himanshu first met the precious toddler in 2017. The couple said that their parents were against adoption — especially adopting a child with special needs. But they knew, deep in their heart, that Veda was destined to become their daughter.

According to Kavita, the Veda who came into their life was severely underweight that she could barely hold her neck up. The little girl was also suffering from eye complications and hypotonia, or weak muscle conditions.

Photo Credit: ExtraChromieVeda/Facebook

She might have lost the chance to walk if not for the persistence of the loving couple who showered her with unconditional love.

Veda may not have been born from them but Kavita and Himanshu did everything just to let her feel their dedication to make her feel better. Aside from giving her all her personal needs, the couple placed her under occupational, speech, and physical therapy programs.

Photo Credit: ExtraChromieVeda/YouTube

Their faith in her never wavered. Eventually, Veda developed the ‘warrior’ in her and started her full recovery.

It was not the therapy that she went through that made her finish her ‘ordeal’ on the stairs, but it was the ‘love and support’ that Kavita and Himanshu extended to her that really made wonders.

Photo Credit: ExtraChromieVeda/Facebook

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