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Girl Born Without Legs Excels In Gymnastics [Video]



  • Paige Calendine is an accomplished athlete born without legs.
  • She started gymnastics to help improve her upper body strength, and she continued to get better as time went on.
  • Her dedication and perseverance towards the sport is a reminder that no problem is insurmountable.

Paige Calendine is an inspiration for everyone. The little girl was born without legs, but her condition couldn’t stop her from pushing forward. She is determined to be an accomplished athlete.

Back then, her parents decided to sign her up for gymnastics to help with upper body strength that she would need to get around. She continued to get better as time went on.

“My parents signed me up to gymnastics cause they wanted me to have body strength and then when I started I had a little struggle,” Paige mentioned in a recent interview. “But then I started getting better and when we go on these bars we started working on routines.”

Times Recorder|Paige Calendine

This made her understand that her condition is not insurmountable. Paige understood that from here on out, everything is not without a solution. Today, her passion for the sport is still going strong.

“Anything that happens in your life, you can overcome,” she said. “That’s what I would tell other people. You can do it.”

Paige became an accomplished competitor in gymnastics. Just before the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, she entered a competition for the first time this year, at Arnold Sports Festival in gymnastics in Columbus.

Times Recorder|Paige Calendine

Today, her training is under “an alternative program within USA gymnastics,” Coach Esther Weibel describes. Paige has her place in Zanesville Gymnastics, which aims to “provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.”

“Paige has been working out here since she was a little girl, she started competing for us just this season as an Xcel bronze,” her coach said. “She’s a big part of our Xcel team. She practices with all the Xcel levels together.”

Paige is determined to succeed. Plus, the qualities and she demonstrated her perspective that pushed her to accomplish these things are prerequisites to greatness. There is no doubt about that!

Source: Tank’s Good News