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Golden Retriever Finds Hilarious Rest Spot in Baby Stroller During Walks



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  • A golden retriever named Max has found his amusing way of taking a break, by resting his two front legs in the basket of a baby stroller during walks.
  • The dog’s owner, Georgina Peers, captured the canine’s antics, and the video has since become a hit online, already amassing over 149,300 views and 11,400 likes on TikTok.
  • Despite the comical appearance, Peers believes that Max, who loves his baby sister Serena dearly, might think he is helping to push the stroller or being protective of Serena.

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Dog walks are typically intended to keep our furry friends active. However, a golden retriever named Max has caught the internet’s attention by discovering a unique use for a stroller that allows him some rest while still appearing lively.

While on a walk with her three-month-old puppy Max and one-year-old daughter Serena, Georgina Peers recorded an entertaining video of the clever dog. In the footage, Max can be seen resting his two front legs in the basket underneath the stroller while his two hind legs continue moving.

Peers was captivated by Max’s novel way of taking a break the first time it occurred. It has now become Max’s regular activity, taking place “on every walk.”

Peers, from Liverpool, United Kingdom, proposed several theories on why Max might be doing this. She wonders if “he’s just being lazy”, or maybe he believes he’s assisting in pushing the stroller, or perhaps he’s merely being protective of Serena, whom he loves dearly?


“When I saw him walking like that, I just couldn’t believe it. He’s so hilarious, and I like to think maybe he’s trying to help me push the stroller,” Peers observed. She further added, “He’s rather protective of his baby sister, but unfortunately, she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He tends to protect her rather than try to play with her. The first time he did something like this was when he heard her cry, and he was literally standing up pushing the stroller.”

According to canine experts, exercise is a key part of a dog’s physical and mental well-being. It’s imperative to tailor the exercise to fit the dog’s age, breed, and schedule. Although leash or harness training should begin at a young age, puppies should start with short walks, gradually progressing to longer ones.

Experts also recommend that walks for puppies should last approximately five minutes for each month of their age, one or twice a day, ideally an hour after meals. Since puppies become exhausted easily, it’s crucial to watch for signs of tiredness. If a puppy starts slowing down or sitting, it’s suggested to pick them up and carry them, or even use a doggy stroller.

But Max shows little interest in having his own stroller. According to Peers, “I hope he’s still trying to get under the stroller when he’s fully grown because that will certainly be a sight to see.” He prefers the unique method of tagging along with Serena’s stroller.

After Peers shared Max’s delightful video on TikTok (, the clip quickly rose to popularity. Many social media users are amused by Max’s inventive way of avoiding strenuous exercise, and the positive response has made Peers very happy. She expressed, “I love that people find him just as hilarious as us.”

Some entertaining comments from TikTok users include: “Just saving up leg battery,” “He looks so proud for helping,” and “He’s not even aware his back legs are still going.”



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